WATCH LIVE! Elon Musk presents the new Tesla Cybertruck Launch

  • Uncle Kyle
    Uncle Kyle

    Adoptive "just one more thing to go wrong" air suspension. Do you know how many people I know with broken air ride? That's just one more thing to go wrong if you ask me.

  • Mx Mex
    Mx Mex

    Funny jaja LOL

  • Farhan Usmani
    Farhan Usmani

    8:00 Franz let's break this glass. Musk oh my f*** God

  • paperscratcher

    Did anyone else notice the lack of follow thru on his sledgehammer hits of the Tesla? No doubt it is tougher, and looks cool, but showmanship should be noted.

  • YAU Eric
    YAU Eric

    embarrassing! ha

  • My Foot Was A BALLOON
    My Foot Was A BALLOON

    Yeah.. alright... yeah... so... uh

  • SecretGreen

    I don't think the car rendered properly, need to check my connection

  • cory brearley
    cory brearley

    He is so awkward at presenting anything.

  • Marco Perez
    Marco Perez

    Is it just me or is it lagging


    And now the inspiration. Do you remember the warthog from halo

  • TM Soto
    TM Soto

    It kinda looks like a car from Minecraft a little bit.

  • Jeremy Henson
    Jeremy Henson

    Someone’s excited for cyberpunk 2077

  • Zachary Leon
    Zachary Leon

    I agree that the it looks ugly but that body amor will come in handy alot

  • Avid


  • Mario Sementelli
    Mario Sementelli

    He’s pulling back when swinging on the Tesla truck

  • Rob Bateman
    Rob Bateman

    Man y'all need to take people bullshit lessons 😂😂

  • amaroudis

    That is not a real sledge hammer. Notice the orange color.

  • George Fales
    George Fales

    Want a truck that won’t RUST yesss

  • georgegotjokes

    I feel like he’s learning about the truck as he’s presenting it.

  • The Stick
    The Stick

    Car drummer offers to test this truck for sound using sticks. Does this car solve the problem of dents in the metal plates of conventional cars?

  • Slim Sahi
    Slim Sahi

    He used a mallet not a sledge

  • J S
    J S

    Cartels be like- we want all inventory

  • CommandoJenkins

    It looks like a low poly model of a truck lol.

  • Alex Conrad
    Alex Conrad

    IMO it's somewhat important to keep the glass breakable, accidents will happen and you never know what kind of situation may call for having to break it. As a employee, I can't wait to get to work on these bad boys! You rule uncle Elon!

  • MohJam

    The glass breaking was a silly mistake, the 1st sheet of glass didn't break because it was allowed to flex (see the assistants resetting the clamps on every try... on the last try they almost popped wide open...) Once in the truck the glass rigid and had no room to flex so the ensuing shock wave had nowhere to vent and shattered the glass, like a ripple on a pond bounces back on itself... simple harmonics if you like... The tug of war proved nothing! The Cyber truck had what looks to be a rolling start, but that may not be the case (benefit of doubt). In any case the reason is more traction... not power... it's not stated but probably due to weight (the Cyber makes the F150 look small) and all wheel drive compared to 2 wheel dive f150 (Lets not think of the F-150 driver being not told to hit the gas until they feel themselves being pulled backward). Simply looked faked in the end. What this proves is that as long a you have a room full of Tesla Zealots you can stutter a stammer your way through the big talk and get a round of applause. Sorry IMO I'm still nowhere near impressed with the truck.

  • Logan Ware
    Logan Ware

    Why?.. why would ANYONE need this?! Yes it’s cool hot who the fuck would want a vehicle that looked that hideous if they weren’t stoned? Also of course a gas powered f-150 is gonna lose to an electric car,the f-150 has to shift gears and such and it makes it much slower than a surge of electricity making the wheels move on the thing called a cybertruck!!!! Fucking hell,I really hope this truck is a flop because I’d rather kill myself than see it on roads

  • Débora Love
    Débora Love

    I be embarrass to drive that thing... ugly !!! Don't see any point of it . F150 all the way !!! No matter what

  • Randy Escalante
    Randy Escalante

    It’s was a really bad presentation of the truck ..he didn’t hit the tuck door as hard as he hit the other door

  • Neolid

    Even with the glass “failure” it is still much better than any other truck, it just looks horrible to me but the engineering on this thing is amazing.

  • Ronwe TheFallen
    Ronwe TheFallen

    I think I drew this truck when I was 6 >corners like its on rails kek It desperately needs more eye candy. rivets, crease lines, something please.

  • Haya Busa
    Haya Busa

    Unfortunately I’m disappointed. The technology aspect sounds wonderful. The design cues seem fit more for the valet parking at a 5 star locale than deep in the mountains doing rural chores. I can’t quite see this truck decked out with a ladder rack or hauling plumbing contractor equipment around a job site. Maybe it would be fun to desert race but not for rocks or mud. It’s technically a truck but one where there’s nothing cool looking. If you told me this was a 4 wheel drive Dakar rally car ...

  • BT Saints
    BT Saints

    How many times will you watch this until you get yours?

  • Richard White
    Richard White

    This demo by Tesla is a stroke of genius as it makes it a free marketing exercise that was FREE to justify the tooling up and possible sales of the Cybertruck world-wide. Offering the truck for sale in two years shows the time needed to make the truck as shown...obvious not complete...SMART.

  • Bird boi Mye
    Bird boi Mye

    I saw the life come out of Elon’s eyes when the glass broke

  • Yiming Zhang
    Yiming Zhang

    Who exactly does he expect to fit in the back seats?

  • Zackriom

    people start raiding area 51 with a tesla

  • Motomax Lubricants
    Motomax Lubricants

    Cheaters fake , demo they never hit harder then door

  • Motomax Lubricants
    Motomax Lubricants

    Even an ordinary metal workers could make better design from this ugly shit

  • pamba missra
    pamba missra

    A private Panzer for me

  • VideoMasterSword

    They must ensure that you can smash the glass, because if you drive in the water you can not get out. Car glass that is unbreakable is dangerous if you get into the water with an accident. Then it is a cyber coffin.