WATCH LIVE! Elon Musk presents the new Tesla Cybertruck Launch
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  • NC Styles
    NC Styles

    The glass breaking ruined the presentation for Elon. He just wanted to end it. Lol 😂

  • Mabel Marie
    Mabel Marie

    If my parents buy me this as my first car, I’ll run them over with it.

  • Haivrim העברים
    Haivrim העברים

    cool truck

  • Kaizoku Tenshodo
    Kaizoku Tenshodo

    *Breaks glass* Musk: Ohomyfuckyinggawd

  • Parker Gaming
    Parker Gaming

    I want a v12 Engine like the one that is on my Ford F150

  • Ase Santana
    Ase Santana

    No mirrors or rear window...🤔

  • Panagiotis G
    Panagiotis G

    Copyright elon musk


    Cool rectangle truck

  • Jim Conde
    Jim Conde

    It doesn’t break

  • Pferdesalami

    i like the design :)

  • Comrade Tim
    Comrade Tim

    Cybertruck, more like Elon Muskmobile

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump

    I want Elon to present my press conferences like that.

  • Soha Noha
    Soha Noha

    Elon is a hardworking immigrant. He inspire us all to believe that dreams come true Audience seems excited like kids excited about new toys Please like a sub to my Chanel

  • test *1
    test *1


  • Blend Creeper
    Blend Creeper

    Elon already couldn’t really talk. It’s like his mumbling half the time. Fucking ego makes him wanna do every keynote. BUT... after the glasses broke, LOL. What a fucking fail.

  • my tube
    my tube

    That's what I thought it cannot carry a full Harley-Davidson. So this truck truly has its limitations. A new idea new concept but not outstanding in my books. This is not a Star trek adventure.

  • Combo Jerman
    Combo Jerman

    WELL ! i just can tell you that the design of the truck was already DESIGNED in 1999 if i remember correctly.

  • James Battles
    James Battles

    Could you convert farm equipment to electric power.

  • Ric's Flicks
    Ric's Flicks

    Elon Musk: "What about the glass seems like a vulnerability " ....Little did he know 😅

  • Definition of Insanity
    Definition of Insanity

    DeLorean on steroids! If only the battery had even close to 1.21 gigawatts of power!!!

  • PNWGaming

    looks like the car off the movie wraith

  • R V
    R V

    Flies on dog shit at least are contributing to the environment and Earth billionaires are as useless as a hole in the wall.

  • Atlas

    I enjoy seeing tesla failure because when elon sees what he made isnt to standard, the next improvement will be 10x better

  • Ivette

    That’s the ugliest truck i have ever seen.

  • Spoon

    So am I the only one who would like to drive this? it looks pretty cool.

  • Carlos Henrique Marinho
    Carlos Henrique Marinho


  • Cozy Empires
    Cozy Empires

    It didn’t go through

  • Crispy Chrispen Chrispers
    Crispy Chrispen Chrispers

    If I had that much money, You bet I would buy that car, it’s awesome.

  • Moises Torres
    Moises Torres

    I notice when the dude hits the white door, he hits it with the edge of the hummer which is more damaging because the all the force concentrates on a smaller portion. But when he hits the cybertruck, he hits it with the whole front side of the hummer which helps distribute the force hence making it a less damaging.

  • Samuel Tromp
    Samuel Tromp

    Elon forgot that cars crumple to absorb the impact.. now your brain will crumple in your skull

  • Marion Sanders
    Marion Sanders

    That's ugly I'm sorry

  • Nitish Bansal
    Nitish Bansal

    Elon knows how to sell stuff! He's like - "We created the best truck on the planet, here you go. You are welcome America!!"

  • Daniel Bosoc
    Daniel Bosoc

    No bs presentation. This truck with some spray paint on is going to be the new norm.

  • Paul Richards AKA BlazerTR3B
    Paul Richards AKA BlazerTR3B

    Great car just upgrade the armoured glass before you go vis a meteor will be harder fast than the guy throwing a steal ball 😎👍🏼but yes impressive

  • InTheory

    "Get your ass to Mars" - Houser - Tesla CyberTruck brought to you by Rekall.

  • Tristan Vlogs
    Tristan Vlogs

    At least we don’t have to worry about people throwing metal balls at our windows that truck is a beast

  • Sea Panther
    Sea Panther

    Looks awful

  • The Developer
    The Developer

    He needs to work on his hand righting

    • The Developer
      The Developer

      Luke Meister, thank you

    • Luke Meister
      Luke Meister

      The Developer writing *

  • Getting it done
    Getting it done

    I own one share, i will be very rich in the next twenty years, absorb that!

  • Danny C
    Danny C

    I want one

  • Moviebuff Shatto
    Moviebuff Shatto

    The Wiggles Be Driving Their Big Red Car On Stage Long before Elon Musk Did

  • Sounds N Healing
    Sounds N Healing

    How do you stop the emp tho??

  • Siva

    Is this designed for people to drive around or for army. If people start to drive then police have no chance

  • Vee Tee Vee
    Vee Tee Vee

    Drunk drivers do not buy this car I can see it now drunk driver driving cyber truck total another car and made it unrecognizable and kill everyone inside

  • Vee Tee Vee
    Vee Tee Vee

    "You want a truck that's tough you want a truck that's really tough not big tough". Best part lol.

  • Claude LeBel
    Claude LeBel

    Doesn't look like much of a sledgehammer to me. Seems light. Still!

  • Brandon Houle
    Brandon Houle

    It's the vehicle from Halo lol he's hinting at the future

  • Garth Matthews
    Garth Matthews

    PUTTING KEVLAR ,INSIDE THE DOOR ,WILL THAT STOP AK47 ? Or a KEVLAR curtain of sorts that rolls up and pulls down ,

  • S P
    S P

    Elon's long lost brother is Homer Simpson

  • Garth Matthews
    Garth Matthews

    BULLET PROOF GREAT ,South Africans need this truck,BUT can it withstand a 20kg rock being thrown off a bridge as u pass underneath it.? at 60mph ? This occurs ,can a steel grill be fitted on windscreen when required ? And taken off and put in the back when danger has passed. I will be ordering one ,I LOVE IT when our locals start rioting and throwing petrol, bombs and rocks at least I will have a chance


    it sucks

  • Trần Cường
    Trần Cường


  • Trần Cường
    Trần Cường

    Dang that car is perfect for team titains

  • ꧁Shinobu Kocho꧂
    ꧁Shinobu Kocho꧂

    When your disappointed 😔


    Elon please take some class of design and don’t tell me is to expensive please 😂

  • George Delph
    George Delph

    Anyone came here BC of roblox..

  • Icy_Titanium

    Cha oh my fucking God he says. *He thinks to himself: my business is in danger.*


    Excellent, Sharing...

  • durapoker

    This thing is fugly!

  • Bee Ninja
    Bee Ninja

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="670">11:10</a> Elon: let’s start the tug of war video. F-150: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Carolina


  • DimopoTown

    My guy what is that

  • Christian C
    Christian C

    If it looked better, I would be buy it so fast

  • Rayanna Kelly
    Rayanna Kelly

    Elon: You want a truck that’s tuff not fake tuff Crowd: Oooooh Me: Wow fighting words

  • Contri M
    Contri M

    So you know those racing games from the 90's?

  • Contri M
    Contri M

    Ohmyfuggingod Wanna try the back window?

  • bmack04

    I’ve never watched Elon present before. Is he normally this bad at public speaking?

  • Alfie Miller-Sharp
    Alfie Miller-Sharp

    the truck's ok, but everything is set up. how do we know if he's telling the truth?

  • Alfie Miller-Sharp
    Alfie Miller-Sharp

    what a load of bullshit

  • mayonnaise

    You probably came here for <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="473">7:53</a>.

  • Anthony W
    Anthony W


  • Anthony W
    Anthony W

    NO WAY

  • what? huh?
    what? huh?

    Finally, Roblox, Minecraft and Tesla paired together. Couldn't wait.

  • Tysen Comes
    Tysen Comes

    The tests he showed are fake

  • Antoine Gresham
    Antoine Gresham

    I don't doubt the capability but It's an ugly ass truck. No imagination went into the styling of the truck.

  • Chaska McJones
    Chaska McJones

    I just wanna see the freakin coding in that bad boy

  • Lytlo Charlotte
    Lytlo Charlotte

    So in the case the car was in a collision crash, where would all the force go? As the front car wouldn’t give in and won’t cushion the impact as it crush. But gj Elon I’m trying new things

  • 602 Jeep
    602 Jeep

    So it’s a unibody the reason they don’t make unibody trucks is because their shit after a few years and can’t hold up

  • 602 Jeep
    602 Jeep

    I’m bankrupt just looking at this guy wondering when people finally catch on to his load of garbage and the stock fails

  • 602 Jeep
    602 Jeep

    So ugly I’m bankrupt looking at it

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