WE DNA TESTED OUR PETS! *shocking results*
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  • Alexandra Maner
    Alexandra Maner

    lol my dog is a mutt that would intresting

  • Australian Shepard
    Australian Shepard

    Wait!!! What!!! My cat is named Bella but she is gray and black and a little white

  • Esther Ong
    Esther Ong

    It is a black cat

  • Pizza the Hut
    Pizza the Hut

    Great pyrenees forever!!!!!

  • Judith Brenes
    Judith Brenes


  • Judith Brenes
    Judith Brenes

    Koda is sooooooo cute and coper

  • Randi R.
    Randi R.

    Fyi a black panther is just a leppard with a mutation sonits all black :)

  • mason lakes
    mason lakes

    Cougars are also called Panthers so she can still be house Panther 😃

  • Gina Thomas
    Gina Thomas

    Of course Coop is 100% GOLDEN retriever!


    My ancestry.com DNA results proving I have to read Royal Blood In Me from Saudi Arabia. Proofs in this video I linked:nosoft.info/hd/video/fnC3YqeY1GSum5U

  • Kimberly Martin
    Kimberly Martin

    Just so you know panthers are leopards

  • kim taylor
    kim taylor

    hey what about Bella's family tree? :(

  • Courtney Pless
    Courtney Pless

    Cooper when vlog starts: YAAAAAAAAS another today Koda when vlog starts:meh Cooper in the morning: no I want to sleep Koda in the morning:but I wanna play

  • Santiago Garcia Maffeo
    Santiago Garcia Maffeo

    I feel like it's horrible to do this if the dog doesn't wants to, but it's ok..

  • That Girl Again
    That Girl Again

    panthers are big cats that can roar, like the leopard, and tiger, so she is a house panther.

  • Madam Vonkook
    Madam Vonkook

    Panthers , Jaguars, Leopards, and Cheetahs are all from the same Big Cat Group..so Bella is still a Lil House Panther!

  • Guðbjörg Gísladóttir
    Guðbjörg Gísladóttir

    a panther is a big cat with black hair. So, Bella being "a house panther" is just as correct as calling her a "house tiger" the only thing that panther means is... big black cat. So black panther is a tiger, jaguar, leopard (or even lion) with black fur. Bella is a back cat.

  • Camsters_Cool

    I once had a golden retriever named spills which was champion bloodline oooh he unfortunately passed away at 5 from a heart attack

  • Ruby Tooze
    Ruby Tooze

    Go king cheetah

  • Ivonne Rodriguez
    Ivonne Rodriguez

    They just took a DNA test turns out they're 100% the BEST!!

  • Freddie Kruger
    Freddie Kruger

    That dog the very very fluffy dog

  • World Peace
    World Peace

    Would be funny to send one human one with your dogs dna

  • Serena Emond
    Serena Emond

    bella is a wild house cat

  • Kodanikage

    Cougar is just another word for panther

  • Bobs Youruncle
    Bobs Youruncle

    Should have sent these off to Ancestry.com just see what they would come up with, without telling them they are animals.

  • Bella The black panther
    Bella The black panther

    Bella is still the house Black Panther

  • Moon_Fox

    panther and just black lepords so SHE IS A HOUSE PANTHER! :)

  • Dakota Winds
    Dakota Winds

    actually I question those results, if they were actually accurate it would show that both dogs are not 100% their "named" breed. All dog breeds are mixes of other breeds and wild dogs until the wanted traits were locked in and bred true. I do know there are more accurate tests out there.

  • Adam Finley
    Adam Finley

    Hey Panthers is another name for mountain lion or cougar lol

  • Cherry World
    Cherry World

    Why was he scared to hear about cooper only that's mean to say Codas face was looking like she was soo sad

  • Paul Babb
    Paul Babb

    my name is bella

  • super saiyan gaming
    super saiyan gaming

    Panther cougar and puma mountain lion are the same animals so she is a house panther

  • jack tringoli
    jack tringoli

    If it makes you feel any better black Panthers are just black jaguars and black cougars Also Idk if you can afford to do it but it would be really really cool to see you guys do those pet dna tests using the tests on yourselves And then buy the human dna tests (ancestory and 23 & me) on your pets And then find out the results 🤷‍♂️😃

  • Matthew Hall
    Matthew Hall

    7:02 called the dog the cats name??

  • catherine donoghue
    catherine donoghue

    You won’t get a great Pyrenean mt dog in Ireland for no less than €15,00 there’s two camps in the kennel club there’s ppl with 2 types of dog and a smaller wider chunkier dog, but in recent times these have been split into the gpmd and the Pyrenean mastiff,..unless you know the breed standard, I’m surprised by this result because a Pyrenean without face colour or a light brown or grey patch is more desirable because a non pigmented dogs have more health problems, sadly in the stated the breed has been over bread now there’s thousands of gpmd’s in rescue, you’d never find a rescue in Ireland. I’m a gp breeder with champion lines I also judge the breed at shows....lovely dog pity about the lack of colour, would make for an all round healthier dog...but there all beautiful I just like to see colour because I know what not having it can lead to, but not always but you mentioned 1 already.

  • Hanan Idk
    Hanan Idk

    But can we just talk about that cat at 3:51... like.. I’m not sure what to say...

  • Wolfe Weirdo
    Wolfe Weirdo

    At 9:26 there was someone peaking through the door!😲😲

  • Heather Kennedy
    Heather Kennedy

    Bella is adorable! Cooper and Koda are cude too!

  • Zoe Bates
    Zoe Bates

    Cougars and panthers are the same so you can still call her a house panther

  • Devin’s Vlogs
    Devin’s Vlogs

    Koda: don’t good boy me, you shoved 2 things in my mouth lol

  • Zack Medlock
    Zack Medlock

    Koda is all ways scared when the camera coms out

  • A.T. Nelson
    A.T. Nelson

    You should look up Black Panthers online. She is still a Panther. Leopards that live in dark forested areas have a higher rate of having black fur instead of the normal coloration. Great vid. This is the first I have seen with cat DNA.

  • WolfGirl Woof
    WolfGirl Woof

    Cooper: 100% craziness Bella: 50% Doorstep cat 50% house panther Kota: 100% fluffiness

  • All-Care Carpet and Floor Service
    All-Care Carpet and Floor Service

    1,2,3,4,5 si, 11 you forgot six numbers 😂

  • Fraser Courtney
    Fraser Courtney

    If I was a cheetah my dream name would be Cheeto

  • Detroit Sniper
    Detroit Sniper

    1/1024th Native American ?

  • roadrunner76b

    Whatever the DNA results were, I still love your place

  • ARC Trooper7610
    ARC Trooper7610

    That picture of the cat at 3:49 tho

  • Rey Trevino
    Rey Trevino


  • Blake Steffen
    Blake Steffen

    A panther is not a real animal it’s just an all black version of a leopard

  • Donald Livengood
    Donald Livengood

    For just a moment, you had me going. I thought you were going to send your animal DNA test to a human DNA test lab.😆😆😆

  • Stefan Gligoric
    Stefan Gligoric

    6:30 thank me later :)

  • Mason Heckers
    Mason Heckers

    Scs's are my faves videos

  • Vulpixpup

    3:26 You mean a vet?

  • Kristene Forest
    Kristene Forest

    people who dont like pure breeders should watch this

  • Pollyanna Peacock
    Pollyanna Peacock

    Panthers are actually black jaguars or black leopards so Bella is a panther

  • HowManyBites DKane
    HowManyBites DKane

    Your wife’s hot we like the boobs.. it’s not that much boob though.. “a lot of boob”

  • Anjali Gomez
    Anjali Gomez

    Dakota in the backround tho man 😂😂😂

  • Josh Rivas
    Josh Rivas

    Cooper and coda are adorable

  • Simone Ingleson
    Simone Ingleson

    Panther is just a black wild cat. A lions Latin name is Panthera leo so technically any big wildcat that’s fully black is a panther