When Will I Die?
When will I die? No one knows! Except maybe these dumb quizzes online can tell me. How long do you think jacksepticeye has left to live? 150 years? close! Watch to find out
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  • jacksepticeye

    Not long left gamers

    • PokéFan Bri
      PokéFan Bri

      What's the link to that quiz?

    • Krazy T
      Krazy T

      I read a book exactly like that it’s called Wh3n It’s pretty good

    • LonelySoulSearcher

      There is a movie that you described Sean, it's called In Time. Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried. People born with clocks in their arm, when it runs out they die. Boom.

    • Oli Stafford
      Oli Stafford

      There a film called in time it's a great film I recommend?

    • Liam Donaghy
      Liam Donaghy

      would u like to know me?

  • Gachaniel Life
    Gachaniel Life

    Also this ad about body parts switching off and stuff made me think it was apart of the quiz but I realized it was an ad somewhere in the middle

  • Gachaniel Life
    Gachaniel Life

    Left people have a higher chance of death... Whatever that means I'm one of those lucky 30% lefthanded but also unlucky to die faster life is fun... I guess

  • jakethesnakelover

    9:17 There was a movie or show I remember seeing years ago where there was this woman who could see timers above people’s heads that counted down to their death. The actress was the same lady from the show The Client List, I can’t remember her name right now. Anyone else know what I’m talking about?

  • Randy Robbins
    Randy Robbins

    i rather kill my self

  • Caroline Roe
    Caroline Roe

    jack you are going to die on my birthday (January 31) I actually almost cried lmao, love you jack

  • Mell Arts
    Mell Arts

    Yeah, Jack. there is a movie about timing death on people, it's kinda cool cuz they are able to add or subtract. And time literally replaces money. Its called In Time.

  • mrhayouman Games and blogs
    mrhayouman Games and blogs

    I'm hungry

  • Manny Moreno
    Manny Moreno

    I did the math he is 29 years old 🎂

  • Kristy Le
    Kristy Le

    Everyone that is dead is regretting saying that they were right handed

  • Urruh

    likee cuz i said so

  • amanda uzumaki
    amanda uzumaki

    Death note is an anime that would be good to watch

  • SilentCodeLockTC

    i would actualy love to know so i can greet death when it comes you know no one realy says hello to death they must be lonely i would tell them hello and try to become friends with them (im basicaly saying i dont care i would want to see it and i would let it be as i dont care. i would get ready and say farewell to my family etc you know. basicaly i dont care i would see it for scientific purpouses)

  • Logan Ó Neill
    Logan Ó Neill

    I got 54.05% masochist and I'm not surprised, pretty true 😂😂

  • Coby Perkins
    Coby Perkins

    I'm left handed

  • coco Knight
    coco Knight

    Death note

  • Captain FluffyPaws
    Captain FluffyPaws

    I would be genuinely sad if I knew I would die shortly, because I would want to live longer.

  • clipz chardy
    clipz chardy

    Yer there is a film were they have a clock on a wrist and they can transfer time over and stuff

  • Josh2legit

    What song is he using in the background

  • Ovrly Em0tional
    Ovrly Em0tional

    There's a horror movie could countdown is out should watch that 😅

  • Holly May
    Holly May

    There is a new film out called countdown where they have an app that counts down to their deaths

  • Batdog Mcgraw
    Batdog Mcgraw

    You can't eat soup

  • Natalie Eidle
    Natalie Eidle

    I did the when will I die test, because I have a lot of chronic illnesses and my family has a history of premature deaths. Its says I wont die until I'm 77. Firstly that would make me the 2nd oldest person to live in my family and secondly that's too fucking long I want a refund

  • undersized yeti
    undersized yeti

    I'm gonna die in 2075 I'm 13 the now

  • Gavin Wagnon
    Gavin Wagnon

    Lefty people die quicker.

  • Ji Hyuk Cho
    Ji Hyuk Cho

    i literally play that quiz while watching this video.

  • Ji Hyuk Cho
    Ji Hyuk Cho

    i am 57.58% sadism, 27.27% masochism, and 15.15% no obvious tendency

  • Luke Campanella
    Luke Campanella

    Bring sims 4 back

  • Rex Ultra
    Rex Ultra

    Oh please jack will never die

  • BubbaPlayzX

    I did the test and I die at a epic 69

  • James Bond
    James Bond


  • CJNEON Gaming
    CJNEON Gaming

    Apparently I'm a masochist but I hate pain.

  • CJNEON Gaming
    CJNEON Gaming

    Jack: Put my hands over my ears, curl up and run away. Me: Huh what where how?

  • Ethan Tasef
    Ethan Tasef

    Watch the movie In Time!!! It’s got Justin Timberlake In it. So good

  • So Panda
    So Panda

    4:35 he's Irish don't judge the man

  • Hailee Wright
    Hailee Wright

    I just took the same test and it says I’ll die in 2082...

  • Jackson Bunch
    Jackson Bunch

    ok boomer

  • Shane Hail
    Shane Hail

    I have asma to 😢

  • Aidan the king of Fortnite 102938
    Aidan the king of Fortnite 102938

    Im going to die in 2060

  • Lisa Zunino
    Lisa Zunino

    if people knew when they were going to die they would prob to drugs, crimes, or something crazy you know?