Why Everyone is Copying AirPods: Explained!
Marques Brownlee
The TRUTH about AirPods clones... and how they're actually helping usher in a dream wireless future.
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  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas

    How can anyone be ok with two transmitters of emf radiation on either side of their skull? Ill be fascinated to see how yall are doing in 15 years.

  • Septa Prasetyo
    Septa Prasetyo

    Answer: Profit.

  • Kenneth Bowers
    Kenneth Bowers

    I think the thumbnail explains why they're being copied...

  • per son
    per son

    mark ass brown lee

  • 3minati

    The wire fights back hella hard when it comes to latency

  • TTVPEGWebby

    Am i the only 1 without wire less earbuds

  • dandywankers

    All I heard is you apple fan boys and girls are stupid 😂

  • Hongo Is Irrational
    Hongo Is Irrational

    lmao i still have a iphone 5s and its so laggy and i use sesh wireless earpods lmao im poor

  • Depressed Grape
    Depressed Grape

    All these android ppl hating on Apple, ur literally copying them 🤦‍♂️

    • Paperybasher334


  • Dana Bernard
    Dana Bernard

    What is the laptop skin? We must know!

  • Brian Cossey
    Brian Cossey

    I have a pair of 50$ air pods but they are not copies, they are made on the same assembly line as the apple air pods, apple just Mark's the product up a thousand percent because they are a scummy trash company

  • Concave Nator
    Concave Nator

    The airpods evolution is like frogs the more advanced they get the shorters the tail becomes

  • Dan Playz
    Dan Playz

    Beats is part of apple 😒

  • mxciii 23.36
    mxciii 23.36


  • Arjun K
    Arjun K

    If apple decides to sell shit it will be a huge product. I mean Apple rally hasn't innovated since past 3-4years,yet they rake in billions. Apple is a status symbol. It is a decent phone, there are decent Android phone that outperforms apple but Android phones are useful to masses.

  • Flight GDAGR
    Flight GDAGR

    I prefer wired EarPods tbh

  • seand67

    Man, that's crazy.....I'll wait a few years.

  • Adrian Suna
    Adrian Suna

    Because just a replica can be better than original airpods ? 😂

  • Customer Service
    Customer Service

    Very strange ain't it that Airpods make billions but people making fashion accessories for them hardly sell shit

  • Joakim Wikström
    Joakim Wikström

    Misleading video title.

  • Customer Service
    Customer Service

    Hey bud, you talkin about buds?

  • Midnight Studios
    Midnight Studios

    My school is holding a fundraiser and the prize is legit a ripoff of airpods

  • Moody Man
    Moody Man

    Samsung Gear icons (released over 3 months earlier than Airpods): Am I a joke to you?

  • heayheayho

    I still have an iPhone 7

  • juvedamexivan 2.0
    juvedamexivan 2.0

    OnePlus disappointed me when they quit on the Jack :( *You were the chosen one*

  • Frank Feng
    Frank Feng

    I don't think Samsung is copying; instead they have been giving customers options and lead time to get used to the wireless future. Wired options: micro-sd card slot, 3.5mm jack, free AKG headphone, DeX, UFS 3.0, OTG connectivity Wireless options: (reverse) wireless charging, Samsung Pay, free Galaxy Buds with phone purchase, Bluetooth 5.0, LDAC, 5G, Wifi 6, Whereas Apple just leave customers with no other choice but pay the premium.

  • omega con4
    omega con4

    I hate all the sheep consumers who supported the elimination of the headphone jack.

  • timothy chung
    timothy chung

    Copy? It is a bluetooth that came out two decades ago that iphone copied. ' Plantronic' came out with the case to charge almost 10 years before airpod. Pff!!!

  • Jerry Zou
    Jerry Zou

    it sucks because now I gotta bring a dongle everytime I wanna plug into AUX on a car...

  • optimus prime
    optimus prime

    Why everybody copying airpods. Me: why is apple copying galaxy buds.

  • John Hurley
    John Hurley


  • raymi del rosario rodriguez
    raymi del rosario rodriguez

    And today they are better devices than the airpods cause they are to expensive and have bad quality, not comfortable as well.

  • Eshika Essain
    Eshika Essain

    Airpods: 169$ Me: I don't have *WONHAE MANHI MANHI*

  • Jqydon

    I just wish AirPods were around 80 USD for the originals because I cant justify that $160 for convenience

  • A Khan
    A Khan

    Can we just thank LG for not getting rid of a headphone jack

  • Anshuman Panwar
    Anshuman Panwar

    Apple in 2049- We removed your ears so that you can enjoy music better. Fans : So innovative !!!

  • isha mohamed
    isha mohamed

    Why does his channel say u can join .?

  • Aiden Kagy
    Aiden Kagy

    wait. didnt samsung make true wireless earbuds before apple with the gear iconx

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda

    Apple in 2030: Introducing the "wireless teeth floss" now selling for $200

  • Ayush Kouwar
    Ayush Kouwar

    haha.. if it was Samsung i am sure you would have criticized it 🤣🤣

  • Rushan M
    Rushan M

    Gear Icon X

  • Kevin ODonoghue
    Kevin ODonoghue

    My AirPods died in the middle of the video so I did what any reasonable person would do and bought another pair


    Can't wait for headphone jacks to have a comeback and then we're gonna have a big audiophile trend with devices

  • Sean N
    Sean N

    Phone companies : let’s wait to see what apple does before we design. Apple: Y’all so silly

  • Interesting

    No one gives a fuck about wireless, these companies are simply just realizing that most Apple users are dumb sheep. Sure, there's nothing wrong with a wireless future, but come the fuck on. You really think that's why the axed the headphone jack and introduced AirPods? AirPods are literally one of the dumbest and laziest designs for a wireless earphone to date. Most importantly, if you lose one of them (which is VERY easy to do) then good luck shelling out the money for a replacement (sounds familiar? *cough* dongles) I believe companies are just in awe of the sheer stupidity of most Apple customers, especially in the face of a blatant rip off. These consumers will gladly spend money to fix a problem that the company literally CREATED themselves (first, with no headphone jack, and now with EarPods). The majority of Apple consumers are literally causing the shift in practice of other phone companies - now EVERYONE wants a chance at blatantly taking intelligence of their customers for granted to make a size-able profit.

  • Sean N
    Sean N

    Again apple leads the way lol no matter how much they try to be different than apple their still the same. Secretly there designers are in awe of the hardware.

  • corruptkode

    Because it's old tech dressed up as new tech that's cheap and sold so grossly overpriced someone can copy it, sell it, and undercut apple and still make huge profits. That's why.

  • Phantom Ghost 848
    Phantom Ghost 848

    2020: cool phone notice the headphone jack 2091: what’s a headphone jack?

  • lynn lascaro
    lynn lascaro

    Popular with and overrated by zombies

  • Turtle Memes
    Turtle Memes

    Bluetooth headphones existed before AirPods

  • Roberto Lerma
    Roberto Lerma

    No matter how good these other products are etc... Apple will always come on too and there’s no denying it. There’s nothing more then the rush of pride of owning an Apple product from the Apple pens to Apple cases etc... Apple is and will most likely always dominate the world

  • orphenshadow

    Things that existed before airpods... Bluetooth Earbuds....

  • William Sulman
    William Sulman

    "Brave and courageous" apple people are morons

  • Manas Manz
    Manas Manz

    Samsung gear icon x is the 1st Bluetooth headset. it released july 2016 and air pods are released in December 2016

  • Vedansh Chauhan
    Vedansh Chauhan

    My Airpods Pro clones (there's a fake serial number as well and no sign of name of that company) round better than some well known competitors and serve the purpose of stealing attention.

  • EliteExplorer Sploring
    EliteExplorer Sploring

    This Iphone 6 owner left Apple because they Apple decided to rip off customers as you say by just removing a feature and charging us to fix it. Screw Apple.


    Everyone copying airpods? The gear Xs came out 2 years before the airpods 🤔

  • Root_Login

    I'm surprised to see Anker didn't get a mention especially with their Liberty 2 Pro and Liberty Air 2 models, coupled with their Soundcore app are the best on the market for the price!

  • Xtreme Antidote
    Xtreme Antidote

    At walmart theres a brand called BlackWeb and they make some airpods pro but all black and claim their battery last 12 hours on one charge

  • Tony Hugo
    Tony Hugo

    Samsung iconx wireless earbuds came out before apple airpods. So...