Why I Ordered a Tesla CyberTruck!
Marques Brownlee
I can explain. This one's different.
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  • Gary Moore
    Gary Moore

    It is kind of like Homers car.

  • Charlesman435

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> You know it's real when Morpheus hops out the back seat..

  • super new africa
    super new africa

    Dude you are good in what you do but am not sure this cyber truck of a thing is for me YET!

  • enter herenow
    enter herenow

    because you have extra money alternately you will review it for youtube income?

  • MCKidlet

    the only reason i dont have it: it's a lie.

  • Internal Game
    Internal Game

    You no buy CyberTruck?... You Gay

  • Bo Williamson
    Bo Williamson

    The Tesla cyber truck does not look like a child tried to draw a car, it looks like a child tried to draw a Lamborghini

  • SORiN Studios
    SORiN Studios

    HAHA... Homer designed this truck!!!

  • The Risk Experience Podcast
    The Risk Experience Podcast

    I totally agree. This is a disruptive technology by far, and for many years to come will remain so. Elon is on track to control the world's transportation, with automobile and trucks, spaceX, and just maybe trains and bikes in the near future. Watch out! It's a grand plan, and all the dots will connect one day.

  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown

    when a solitary video has over 7 million views, why not buy a meme car ?

  • Thomas Gosling
    Thomas Gosling

    The most ugly part of this otherwise polished design, is those terrible rims... what were they thinking

  • Marco Lattimore
    Marco Lattimore

    i will pay 10k for the lowest reservation number possible instagram @marcolattimoose

  • Bantai Baap
    Bantai Baap

    0%=Nudity 0%=music 10%=that wired combination of shapes 9999%="it's not the reason I ordered this"

  • nehal sufiyan
    nehal sufiyan


  • Clemens Grätz
    Clemens Grätz

    'No Pickup Truck is beautiful' Have you seen Truckla?

  • Kiwify

    Minecraft: exists Elon musk: *turns it into real life *

  • The Galaxy Games
    The Galaxy Games

    Are we not gonna talk about his shirt

  • D3vastator Gaming
    D3vastator Gaming

    The only problem with MKBHD is that he elongates his videos a lot. A three minute video is elongated into 10 minute video. Don't get me wrong. He is very nice and knowledgeable, but I prefer to the point videos like those of Mrwhosetheboss.

  • Elite Gamer
    Elite Gamer

    The house Is a house that’s not y im buying it though

  • Ben Caldona
    Ben Caldona

    It looks like a batman ride

  • HipHop Viray
    HipHop Viray

    But why does it look like a metallic door stop?

  • Inventor or tesla 9112
    Inventor or tesla 9112

    Wow this is the most interesting video about a person talking about the cybertruck, but I like tesla because it is all electric in general but the 1 top real reason is that I like the exterier of all tesla vehicles period.

  • kakashi1300

    Looks like a ps1 graphics car

  • agguilar

    It will be nice to see a crash test

  • DrDjRj

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks a bit like the Warthog from Halo?

  • idea clips
    idea clips


  • j6g Teeworlds
    j6g Teeworlds

    Tesla Cybertruck: *exists* Marques: That's not why I bought it...

  • César Lodi
    César Lodi

    I just can't whait for this video here, where's the truck man???

  • Arthas

    The car was the best car ever, but that's not I ordered it though

  • Tabish Faraaz
    Tabish Faraaz

    I want a truck, nt a lambo!!

  • Wendigo

    "Cybertruck is amazing in every way and definitely the best, BUT THAT'S NOT WHY I ORDERED IT THOUGH".

  • Alexandru Zaharov
    Alexandru Zaharov

    I won't watch this anymore,these guys shouldn't be allowed to have that amount of money. NOT for what they do.

  • Kavin's Life
    Kavin's Life

    I have to ask you 1 question. Who do you edit your videos that good?

  • Lex Talionis
    Lex Talionis

    Pickups aren't pretty? Wtf!!! Ford Raptor? Is amazing!!!!

  • Smite Matrix
    Smite Matrix

    And this is why Tesla made it.

  • Nickolas brb
    Nickolas brb

    Den me noiazei

  • Project C.J.J
    Project C.J.J

    I’m sorry but it’s ugly

  • Warm Association
    Warm Association

    The truck looks sicko!

  • Silver Back
    Silver Back

    They didn't think outside the box, they thought... Box

  • April May
    April May

    I never thought real life graphics would look worse than gta 3 cars lol, I’m still fascinated with the truck tho. 😁

  • mclean

    lmao it dont even look bad

  • Just Bane
    Just Bane

    Because you like to horde expensive stuff

  • u

    Rainproof. Duh.

  • Ekke Henk
    Ekke Henk

    Wears shirt that reads MATTE BLACK on it and says that hes not ordering a cybertruck just because it comes in matte black

  • Aryan Sharma
    Aryan Sharma

    That's not why you ordered it 😂

  • Joe King
    Joe King

    Because u can afford it... DUH!

  • Sashi Polo
    Sashi Polo

    He probably bought it from the money he got from making all the tesla videos. This video probably made him 60-65k usd. And the other video with 5.5 mill views maybe got him 35-40k. Basing his cpm at 8 usd. So yeah marques. Nice strategy. You already have the money to buy it three years later

  • Rat

    because you're an idiot trend follower and you'll probably make more money than you lose by buying it.

  • Bashir Solomon
    Bashir Solomon

    Apocalyptic truck

  • boju

    cuz u filthy rich

  • R. W.
    R. W.

    How much money do people actually make on NOsoft? 🤔

  • Joseph Viernes
    Joseph Viernes

    That's like a car before Calculus was invented

  • FBI

    i returned my cybertruck when elon started protesting lockdown

    • FBI

      @punklover99 if there's still that 1 percent, theres still a chance i could die. Also where did u get those stats?

    • punklover99

      @FBI and?

    • FBI

      @S DiCosimo u said urself to 'stop hospitals getting overwhelmed since if they did, people would start dying'. The end sounds like a move to stop people dying to me

    • FBI

      @punklover99 there is still that 1% however

    • S DiCosimo
      S DiCosimo

      @FBI the lockdown wasn't to keep people surviving as the death rate wasn't even low to begin with, it a proactive move to keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed, since if they did, then people would start dying. However now the cases are declining, the hospitals havent been overwhelmed, and for the avarage person, it's fine to go out since for the avarage person it isn't deadly. And tons of people are struggling to get buy without money.


    the design looks like my 5 year old drawing, If i can find it back and shove it up the face of the people who said my car drawing sucks.

  • TheCephalon

    The straight lines were also to save costs. Because it’s 30x steel rather than aluminum, it’s much harder to bend, so they used straight lines instead of bending the metal

  • Kicking Back, Punching Cones
    Kicking Back, Punching Cones

    the truck looks like origami

  • Emmanuela Agbikimi
    Emmanuela Agbikimi

    Yea, the angles does make it look very discordant. I guess their goal with the design is to stand out.

  • John Lopez
    John Lopez

    Wait until you try and park it at the grocery store, lol. Why would they do this to their brand? I'm still hoping this is a bad joke by Tesla and they'll make it more like their other vehicles. I have never looked at a Tesla and thought it was ugly, until this truck. I think Rivian is going to crush this truck in sales. And if their partnership with Ford works out, the F-150 will continue to be the leader.

  • Juan Salazar
    Juan Salazar

    I fell in love with Cyber Truck from the first time I saw it.

  • Ace Solo
    Ace Solo

    We get it, he’s bin on your channel. 💰

  • Young Boy
    Young Boy

    Give it to me

  • abdulmajeed salau
    abdulmajeed salau

    Design team: everyone think outside the box Elon musk: let’s make a box 📦

  • Chris C
    Chris C

    Tesla just merged with Lego.

  • Rap Casso
    Rap Casso

    Dude you a lame ass nerd goddamn 😆😆😆😆😆

    • punklover99


    • Rap Casso
      Rap Casso

      Fool just talk and talk and gets nowhere lol

  • Theo G
    Theo G

    Because you’re a Tesla sheep.

  • Matthew Howell
    Matthew Howell


  • Ashley Clemons
    Ashley Clemons

    Tesla and Apple should collaborate

  • Ricardo Ellison
    Ricardo Ellison

    At 0.48 , just above the left front tire, you can see straight thru to the other side...this is a mock-up, a fake thing...just like all the crap Tesla trots out for the faithful...keep on drinking the Kool-aid fanboys, maybe your dream-ride will materialize...someday.

  • Popeye Williams
    Popeye Williams

    What a fuckin shit ball name ur voice

    • punklover99


  • Gavin.

    Dude, your wealth is sad. You should donate to charity.

    • punklover99

      He does

  • Jk #its_me
    Jk #its_me

    marques: (tells all cool stuffs about cyber truck) noone: ...... marques again : THATS NOT WHY I ORDERD IT THO ....

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh

    next video: why i sold my tesla CyberTruck so low!

  • Ratan

    Cuz you're rich?

  • egg sauce
    egg sauce

    So how much weed did the designers take

  • Connor Halleck
    Connor Halleck

    Quick plug to not support abusive capitalists like Elon Musk and help poor people instead . But yknow, u do u

  • Jishnu Jetwani
    Jishnu Jetwani

    Looks like bat mobile but white

  • Dija's Vid Dump
    Dija's Vid Dump

    I love That People ask him if he pre-ordered it like it is some kind of video game.

  • khushboo agrawal
    khushboo agrawal

    Cause you got money. And you have to be crazy.

  • Basudeb Jena
    Basudeb Jena

    The cybertruck cost him so much he had to work so hard he got spectacles🤣🤣

  • Mark

    Why do they need two years until release