Why Logan Paul Lost To KSI In The YouTuber Boxing Rematch - Body Language Secrets
Find out why Logan Paul lost to KSI in the NOsoftr boxing rematch.
Logan Paul was considered the favorite to beat KSI in their boxing rematch at the Staples Center in Los Angeles California. Logan lost by just 1 point in a split decision. Yeah, the fight was extremely close and some say that the referee shouldn’t have penalized Logan with 2 points on that late hit on KSI.
Logan dedicated himself to this training for this fight for a year, he’s an accomplished high school football player and wrestler, had unlimited budget, and was significantly bigger than KSI, so understandably he was considered to be the favorite, but how did Logan lose? Many thought Logan was going to easily win, but there’s always a fascinating story behind these shocking upsets, so we’re going to piece together the evidence, along with break down body language, to find out the real reasons why Logan Paul lost to KSI.
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Now in the comments: Why do you think Logan Paul was so arrogant to think he just couldn’t lose? Let everyone know in the comments below.
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  • Derek Van Schaik
    Derek Van Schaik

    Why do you think Logan Paul didn't think he could lose?

    • Jamie B
      Jamie B

      @antonio capaldi I agree, his fault

    • antonio capaldi
      antonio capaldi

      he lost because he hit ksi in the back of the head twice

    • Jamie B
      Jamie B

      @Goblin Slayer If Logan didn't get a penalty he would of won.

    • Devon Orr
      Devon Orr

      Derek Van Schaik he still doesn’t think he lost....lmao

    • K

      Because he had a joke of a trainer in Shannon Briggs. That is why he lost he had a sycophantic hype man of a trainer instead of someone who would be real with him. Shannon Briggs is a shit show of a trainer.

  • icepil

    Shannon brigs is the most annoying person in the world.

  • Potatoe Spud
    Potatoe Spud

    he lost coz he did.

  • momerosavage 3
    momerosavage 3

    I think you dont have the enough amount of boxing in order to say why he lost

  • Nick TheNija
    Nick TheNija

    let's go champ 😂

  • Robert Ballard
    Robert Ballard

    Logan threw less punches, but landed more, also landed the most significant strikes plus the knockdown, he was screwed, should have been a draw or a logan win

  • DoubleVision

    I was really not surprised that all that exaggerated smack talk from Logan ended up working against him. Pretty sure if he had shown more respect and a little less "first round decapitation" he would've had that fight in the bag. He really messed up big time and I'm wondering how he's planning on coming back. Even if he does Rematch KSI again and wins this time it won't be that significant and if he loses again he'll pretty much be a laughing stock even though he has put up 2 decent fights so far. I feel like Shannon Briggs didn't do him a favour as well. Way too much talk The more I think about it Shannon Briggs might've lost him that fight lol Usually I see Logan as the smarter person compared to Jake but it really seems like weeks before the fight Jake knew what was coming.

  • Stephanie Loggins
    Stephanie Loggins

    It’s so weird that you have a platform on this and you got this so wrong. You took every example of the bragging and sh*t talking before the fight that is a PART OF BOXING CULTURE! And used that to for your narrative. And SOME HOW! You missed and neglected Russia. A few weeks before the fight Logan was supposed to go to Russia for a slap competition. The day before the trip he had someone come to his house to see if he could knock them out with a slap. This MASSIVE MAN shows up, he participates in these slap competitions, and it went horribly. Logan slapped this man once and knocked him out cold- the man couldn’t remember the entire day. This affected Logan dramatically. He canceled the slap competition. Didn’t go to Russia and gained the fear of what his right punch could do to a man. The Russian that showed up to his house- had head gear on. You use this as an example of Logan no having empathy- when the fact that he put head gear on the guy WAS EMPATHY. If you know even the TINIEST BIT about boxing, you know Logan held back using his right hand over and over and over during the KSI fight and that is what lost him the match. But of corse you left this out- you wanted to push the used up and tired “Logan Paul is arrogant” narrative. Giving zero credit to the skill of boxing. Bravo you should be proud 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • cole beattie
    cole beattie

    Y’all hate on Logan because he acts immature to his age during this situation, but ksi missed so many shots and had at least a 1minute break mid fight when he was dazed. Someone please tell me any other fight where a fighter hasn’t accidentally hit another fighter in the back of the head and gets a 1 minute break? Yeeeee that’s right haters

  • Nasir A
    Nasir A

    No he sneezed 3 times so ofc he was gonna lose 🤦‍♂️


    You were on Logan side on all your vids be4 Ksi won

  • Ember Oniliece
    Ember Oniliece

    Goddamn guy say champ again

  • Michael Overs
    Michael Overs

    Don't need a brain scan to know he has brain damage

  • ironic compilations
    ironic compilations

    Physically Logan had it But mind set and surrounding ksi had better ppl

  • potatohead

    He lost cause "i sNEeZeD tHreE tIMes"

  • ironic compilations
    ironic compilations

    Yes men

  • I Pity Da Foo
    I Pity Da Foo

    This was a good video, but there is one thing I want to say, I know you were just using Rocky as a comparison of sorts, but probably not the best idea to use a movie as a premise for proper boxing, especially when half of Rocky's movies he got the living shit kicked out of him and then would come back in the ladder rounds, but if that were real life, he'd have concussions, brain damage, he would be probably put in a coma LMAO.

  • Forrest Wilms
    Forrest Wilms

    Coach gassed him up way too much!

  • Keith Little Light
    Keith Little Light

    I dont even know why everyone tries to make reasons why login lost being sick come on thats a little kids excuse he lost get over it it doesn't matter how buff or strong you are it matters how fast you are you cant expect him to win just because he buffer than ksi deal with it

  • Squid Boi
    Squid Boi

    666,666 views...? SATAN BE GONE!!!!!

  • John Erik
    John Erik

    Na your salty Edit: Maybe im wrong

  • Personable Person
    Personable Person

    Everyone always brings up Logan randomly asking maths questions, but what I always wonder is, why the hell did KSI get so mad about it? P.S. "You can't be a very effective boxer if you're afraid to get punched." I mean, Floyd Mayweather is 50 and 0, undefeated, and he's an extremely defensive fighter. He even explicitly stated that the reason he fights like that is because he doesn't want to get punched in the head because he's worried about brain damage.

  • QueasySkate 4869
    QueasySkate 4869

    Spends so long training just to cheat and still loose

  • Devon Orr
    Devon Orr

    It wasn’t 2 points for just the late hit...you can’t ducking hit someone while holding the back of their head...also I’m way smaller than Logan and I’d beat the fuck out of him so don’t think size matters

  • LoliHHaven

    Logan lost because 1. 2 Points deduction 2. 8x7=56 3. Sneezed 3 times

  • shannon varkel
    shannon varkel

    At 12:55 the doc says that he doesn't have empathy which kinda makes sense

  • Ale S.
    Ale S.

    didn't the brain stuff turn out to be fake?

  • Vp_lucas11 _20
    Vp_lucas11 _20


    • OOF General
      OOF General

      @Vp_lucas11 _20 lel

    • Vp_lucas11 _20
      Vp_lucas11 _20

      OOF General lol

    • OOF General
      OOF General

      @Vp_lucas11 _20 k good

    • Vp_lucas11 _20
      Vp_lucas11 _20

      OOF General yes

    • OOF General
      OOF General

      This comment is a joke, right?

  • max well
    max well

    when you are over confident, theres no way on wining, you wish logan

  • Barber Beest
    Barber Beest

    Logan talking about mcgregor is so stupid. Mcgregor is in a totally different weight class and he has a hard time going up a weight class. Looking at the khabib fight.

  • keen 767
    keen 767

    Confident yes, OVERconfident? maybe? It is a fighters mentality to be confident of his own abilities so to me his loss was due to being afraid. Shannon isn't a bad coach, viddal is just better.

  • Good Morning
    Good Morning

    Here is the hint: *Logan has grown mentally soft and started getting compromising and emotionally understanding KSI instead of going full on lambasting him and ridiculing him. He didn't literally have any killer instinct in the ring and his confidence was depleted and acted kind of cowardly, KSI went on full explosive rage to hook him, I saw no real explosiveness from Logan in the ring and real boxing. Simply, he was satisfied he came to a tie in the previous match.*

  • Shawn Wing
    Shawn Wing

    Holly shit I’m suprised his coach can even talk with Logan’s dick so far in his mouth. Lol no wonder why he lost dude probably wouldn’t give him criticism for anything just kept sucking him off

  • Nuclear Marshmallows
    Nuclear Marshmallows

    Yo, this guy reminds me of the old man from that lorax movie

  • Denis Escobar
    Denis Escobar

    All course and he going to win because he's white!!😅 and the end of the day he lost😂

  • The content man
    The content man

    If he fought McGregor he would die have you seen that man fight? Shit gets brutal

  • ItsPennywiseBoi

    And you saying he’s scared to walk up to KSI but would you chase KSI around when he starts throwing wild punches at you trying not to get knocked out?

    • OOF General
      OOF General

      Lol yes dumbass, because I am trying to WIN, not to turn out to be a coward

  • ItsPennywiseBoi

    Logan is still a better boxer. All KSI does is throw haymakers😂.

    • OOF General
      OOF General

      Logan is obviously not a better boxer because how the hell wasn't he able to do the stuff that he said he was able to do. Why didn't he win KSI. Why? Because everything was just a whole complete LIE.

    • OOF General
      OOF General


  • Eddie Nunez
    Eddie Nunez

    Stay in your lane bro lol

  • wizzzer1337

    It's amazing... we are witnessing Jake becoming the grown up, and the brother he admires so much turns out to be a delusional egomaniac. Jake still has a long way to go, but I see the seeds of a changed man in his body language.