Why Ticks Are So Hard To Kill
Ticks are one pest you don’t want to mess with. Once they find a secluded spot on your skin, they use two hook-like structures to tear into your flesh. Then they insert a barbed straw and get to work. If that’s not bad enough, ticks also transmit at least 16 different diseases to humans, such as Lyme. And research suggests that several species of ticks - and the diseases they carry - are now spreading in the US.
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Why Ticks Are So Hard To Kill

  • simity sim
    simity sim

    **me juping off my bed**

  • Dan M
    Dan M

    Drown them in alcohol! Set them on fire! I hate ticks!

  • Ana Cortez
    Ana Cortez

    I got goosebumps watching this 😣

  • keys island hopper
    keys island hopper

    2017, spreading fast,

  • Derrick Ross
    Derrick Ross

    I'm scare to sit on any chair and play in the grass

  • Simply Azul
    Simply Azul

    Now I know why kids would rather stay indoors

  • Deana Ogorman
    Deana Ogorman

    When I visited south Dakota I saw a tick crawling up my leg Thank God it didn't bite me

  • Joel Gacosta
    Joel Gacosta

    My dog was bitten by alot of ticks that he had a wound for scratching it and they had to send him to vet. The vet had to shave his fur. Btw he is a chow chow

  • joey .k
    joey .k

    Climate change is real can you please be neutral about your opinions or not express them

  • Acoustic Grande
    Acoustic Grande

    so, i know how ticks really sucks and all that but thats just how they survive...

  • JOSE 74
    JOSE 74

    Wow!! im eating lunch right now!👍

  • Ralph Valkenhoff
    Ralph Valkenhoff

    Really! Climate change? to associate everything to global warming is beginning to sound creepy.

  • Aye Co Breeze
    Aye Co Breeze

    I wrap them in tinfoil but not too tight. Then I grab bunch of newspaper and kindling. Make a small fire and put the tin foil ball in the center and light it on fire. So it gets fried to death instead of burning.

  • Super Wilcox
    Super Wilcox

    They can even live in a bottle of rubbing alcohol for a day or so.

  • Creativez

    Someone call el primo

  • mma king
    mma king

    My dog have them some time just nasty af but them in bleach story done

  • Omkar Shah
    Omkar Shah

    One summer my doggo got a lot of these ticks. I killed many of them by smashing them by my nails. They made a pop sound while being smashed, it was soul satisfying.

  • Denis Ho
    Denis Ho

    I used bravecto on my dogs and it works wonders. no ticks over a year already.

  • tellie tubbies r scary
    tellie tubbies r scary

    just squish them

  • 68 Rumble Bee
    68 Rumble Bee

    I’d Like To Get A Little Bit Of That Boutbon Disease If You Know What I’m Sayin’. Lucifer Created Ticks.

  • zko

    I use insulin needles and i stick them with hydrogen peroxide 66% and they blow up 😂

  • ali khan
    ali khan

    Use KEROSENE OIL on the body of your animals and you will see them dieing in minutes

  • Parker Tetrick
    Parker Tetrick

    You are now itchy

  • Luis Llorens
    Luis Llorens

    That guy's pants are so tight that there is no way a tick can get in. And if it does it'll probably get aids.

  • Stef Motion
    Stef Motion

    “Ticks are hard to kill” Me: gets the tick off me and smashes it with a hammer

  • rapidmage

    how to kill ticks: grab it and stomp it

  • Imam Malaysia
    Imam Malaysia

    *A tick might tickling me*

  • •E L Y S I A N Wolfie•
    •E L Y S I A N Wolfie•

    I was one minute in and I already clicked off the video

  • Wraith King
    Wraith King

    If only there was a way to eradicate ticks and musquitos.

  • Kirigaya Kazuto
    Kirigaya Kazuto

    I can't wait to show this to mom to prove her wrong that ticks can't jump or fly and finally win in an argument at least once for pete's sake

  • Mark Orwa
    Mark Orwa

    They didn't answer their question "Why ticks are hard to kill" , they just freak you out.

  • Something

    Lemme pinch its stomach.

  • Tim Moran
    Tim Moran

    Pu t. Cig. Next to his butt he will pull. Out quick

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    It's not hard to kill them just catch them and put in bottle and add salt and microwave

  • Mike Danielz
    Mike Danielz

    Nice jeanz... smgdh

  • Blade FTR
    Blade FTR

    I found a giant one in my dog I pulled it out and I had to step on it and drag my foot on concrete to kill it

  • Talk to the Hand Reviews
    Talk to the Hand Reviews

    Please don't make people more pesticide happy than they already are. We're destroying the planet with these sprays.

  • SneakyAutobot

    Introverts:no problem for me

  • Jon Do
    Jon Do

    grab tick. take lighter, burn tick. dead tick.

  • hailey

    this made my head itch..


    Why not just squeeze ticks in a sheet of paper until blood comes out of them.

  • Shkz-_-


  • Al Dusty
    Al Dusty

    I know a way to kill them my friend told me which is to microwave them after you pull them out.

  • Miranda Hany
    Miranda Hany

    A nightmare.


    They look like watermelon pips

  • Shogun-Pubg Mobile
    Shogun-Pubg Mobile

    Thats Why Flamethrower Exists

  • Terrible Tree
    Terrible Tree


  • PsychoGames HD
    PsychoGames HD

    Back in elementary school I knew a kid that literally passed out in class because he had a big ass tick doing its thing it was lodged in the crevice behind your ear. Scary

  • Mingliadi Muliasetio
    Mingliadi Muliasetio

    Scientist: "And this is what we call a cloth" Me: I KNOW IT A CAN SEE IT

  • Leaf

    Welp, guess I'm not going outside ever again.

  • Joe.

    now im shaking and my neck is tingling also wait they can clone themselves. MOOOM WHERES THE FLAMETHROWER WE GOTTA BURN AMERICA

  • Joe.

    "ticks are in the usa" Me: Cmon guys lets burn the USA and move somewhere else

  • Lil Mike and bros
    Lil Mike and bros

    Who else checked there armpit after it says they like armpits

  • i have no content on this channel
    i have no content on this channel

    Just grab them with a paper towel and squeeze it

  • I leave mean comments
    I leave mean comments

    What is the deal with this channel and "Tech Insider" hiring these awful hosts/narrators? I'm not just being mean here... it's genuinely hard to watch these people. I want to watch science documentary videos with an... at least somewhat professional sounding host... not this giggling flamer. Of course, you'll just discount this comment because I said "flamer"...but trust me, EVERYONE feels the same way. These videos are a joke.

  • Jayislame

    Hello? This is why we have the 2nd amendment. What else is it for?

  • Aussie Abby
    Aussie Abby


  • CharlieBrown

    hes gay

  • Ӎįśś Ĝůӎ
    Ӎįśś Ĝůӎ

    I remember how I was a kid, I was in the forest with my parents. When it was like 10 pm, I noticed that my head really hurts and when I scratched it I spotted a tick and started yelling :DDDD my parents wake up and took it off my head. That was scary xd

  • Haelen maybe
    Haelen maybe

    *"its hard to kill"* Me: *Wait- really--*