World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer
World of Warcraft
The veil between life and death is no more. Discover what lies beyond the world you know in the next chapter of the World of Warcraft saga--Shadowlands: Coming 2020. Learn more at

  • North Strider
    North Strider

    Aka. the ice chunk throwing contest.

  • Green Dholia
    Green Dholia

    I wish wow graphics could be improved and game reworked a bit could completely replace reality

  • Vai SerginhO
    Vai SerginhO

    Levou um pau de graça

  • Dead Lift
    Dead Lift

    Shadowlands proves the earth is flat.

  • ayoub zougari
    ayoub zougari

    She's coming

  • Corvo Shadow
    Corvo Shadow

    They should make an animated series that starts at first horde invasion and just keep going from there I'd fkin buy all of them

  • آرین نصرالله تبار
    آرین نصرالله تبار

    Our King will return! You have no Chance against The King Arthas! For the Lich King.

  • Cedric Johnson
    Cedric Johnson

    OK but if Sylvanus can 1v1 the Litch King, why didn't this happen all the way back in Wrath of the Litch King

  • Zxc cvb
    Zxc cvb

    Stop it, sjw scumbags.

  • TheCheaterfox

    It's bold move to include Lich King in the banner and then killing him literally before the game starts :D There should be one more DLC for that.

  • agent poindexter
    agent poindexter

    all memes and jokes aside this cinematic is badass and stunning. Don't ya'll agree?

  • Roqtest

    That moment you realize she is lucky that wasnt a 1v1 against Arthas. This guy was only keeping things under control

    • Λευτέρης Κλειδάς
      Λευτέρης Κλειδάς

      has the moment you realize that she is actually (much) stronger than arthas at this point come for you already?

  • Glory To Europa
    Glory To Europa

    Boring mary sure BS....sigh...

  • Dan G
    Dan G

    Is it just me or does sylvanas need a nerf

  • Onur

    Worst cinematic they ever made.

    • EdgelordGaming

      Lol wut

  • Maniek™

    Why this video has so many dislikes?

    • Markyboy28

      Fanbois hating the fact that the whole Lich king lore was destroyed in 10 seconds

  • SeedlingNL

    This town certainly has changed, and not at all for the better...

  • geodageo

    The lich king is Blizzard, Sylvannas is Activision and the Helm of Domination is the Blizzard games

  • Ádám Tóth
    Ádám Tóth

    aaand feminism took over Warcraft as well...everything gets ruined

  • quna

    warcraft 3 bulshit!

  • Billy Batts
    Billy Batts

    So.. have guys learned from your movie mistake? Now start an animated TV show with these graphics on netflix or something and people would watch it!

  • Intactbjörn

    WoW original intent: Cinematic plays out as if it's meant for you, the player. *"You are not prepared!"* still being one of the best things to ever come out of this game. WoW now: Cinematics are just mini-sodes of Sylvannas's story-mode progression.

  • The Poopsmith
    The Poopsmith

    They always make it look at least interesting... Then come the homogenized talents and the stripped down abilities... running daily’s for months on end with no content. This game demands more than 3 button rotations and nothing more than the minimum effort by the Hazzikostas dev team.

  • windblowpass

    level 120 vs level 70

  • Franklin Brown
    Franklin Brown

    "THIS WORLD IS A PRISON" ... so, basically, Sylvanas predicted the Covid lockdown

  • OrangeMC

    She was gonna wear it, but the ears and eyebrows foiled her plans

  • Peono Reeves
    Peono Reeves

    Guess Sylvanas was leveling enchanting to be able to disenchant the Helm of Domination.

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness

    For the Forsaken. Please let us be our own entity away from the Horde/Alliance and Scourge Blizzard, pretty please.

  • Matt

    i'm not going to lie this is Fing Dumb

  • JL Ruiz
    JL Ruiz

    Is this the worst wow trailer ever? It has to be! What a way to destroy the lich king ,s ‘Legacy.

  • 01 Xray21
    01 Xray21

    Too bad wow the movie doesn't look the same as this

  • Fuzzy Angel
    Fuzzy Angel

    Can't hold Lordaeron in the last expansion even with an army of the horde at her back but can defeat the Lich King and basically what should've been the entire scourge by herself in about 20 mins...

    • Λευτέρης Κλειδάς
      Λευτέρης Κλειδάς

      with each single death granting her more power, yes she is significantly stronger after a war rather than on the onset of one. also we don't know if she really couldn't hold lordaeron, since she wouldn't really care about it, since her one goal in that war was not to win it, but for as many people possible to die.

  • Gaming with Puppetcabbage
    Gaming with Puppetcabbage

    I love this game!

  • Ethan McDonald
    Ethan McDonald

    Couldn't think of anything original so they made the Horde evil again. Still couldn't think of anything original so they blamed it on the Warchief, had her exiled, and open the new zone. I feel like at this rate I'll be able to predict the expansion after Shadowlands.

  • Tarex

    Plz make sylvanas HARD AF to beat.... PLEASE.


    I wish they remake the game to look like the cinematic

    • Kretias

      @NOX BOX GAMES Because WoW would change from "anyone can play it" to "1% of the playerbase can play it" if you want the game to look like the cinematics. The amount of ressources it would swallow to look like that and run smoothly etc etc would be astronomical.


      @Kretias Why?

    • Kretias

      that would cause WoW to be shut down within a year.

  • Eruult Chuluunbaatar
    Eruult Chuluunbaatar

    Women rule. Another proof that men got weak. Sad that even blizzard admits this.

    • Λευτέρης Κλειδάς
      Λευτέρης Κλειδάς


  • MrGlennJohnsen

    Hate on BfA or Shadowlands as much as you like, watching this cinematic still gives you chills.

    • Mateusz Przybylski
      Mateusz Przybylski

      Except it doesn't

  • Das True
    Das True

    He's still level 80

    • EdgelordGaming

      Technically he's a fresh 120. Since he had involvement in the bfa vol'jin storyline. So fresh 120 with little to no azerite gear vs a mythic raider with BiS azerite and full corruption. You think she dodged that boulder? Nah she dodged that eye of corruption and thing from beyond.

  • R

    Writers for this game need to be fired.

  • Aries Star
    Aries Star

    i feel kinda sorry for the lich king.. poor guy 😁😭

    • Berserker

      He isn't dead. You should feel bad about all other beings on azeroth because now they are getting slaughtered by the scourge. Human babies rip.

  • the visius
    the visius


  • Buildergamer 45
    Buildergamer 45

    Widowmaker vs. Reinhard xD

  • Vitcher

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a> You are not worthy quoting Terenas...

  • Greg Wilkinson
    Greg Wilkinson

    I feel like they missed a sick opportunity to start a third faction(Aszhara and the naga team up with Sylvannas and a portion the undead break away(the rest remain under the new leadership of Calia) plus a couple other factions like the San'layn, Mogu, Gilgoblins) could have their own capital city in Azshara(cuz the zone felt like a zone.... not a city)

  • ††ValiLucy††


  • Just Some Pigeon in a Suit
    Just Some Pigeon in a Suit

    Somehow Slyvanas is able to defeat The Lich King

    • Λευτέρης Κλειδάς
      Λευτέρης Κλειδάς

      @Berserker they are, unfortunately. how else would you suppose everything in wow has happened anyway?

    • Berserker

      @Λευτέρης Κλειδάς the players aren't canon.

    • Λευτέρης Κλειδάς
      Λευτέρης Κλειδάς

      @Berserker then again the players were able to kill a titan, so there's that

    • Λευτέρης Κλειδάς
      Λευτέρης Κλειδάς

      @Berserker I really doubt that :P. the jailer might be though. we know that he is older than them

    • Berserker

      @Λευτέρης Κλειδάς Is sylvanas stronger than a titan?

  • tehiratepirate

    Sylvanas: I, too, farm old raids!

  • Madd Smaxx
    Madd Smaxx

    So Ice Crown is the Berlin Wall

  • Marta Czyż
    Marta Czyż

    this is a fcking joke

  • Darrianz Nellie
    Darrianz Nellie

    No wonder he lost. He was Frost Spec while using a 2-Handed weapon smh. 🤣

  • F

    This doesn't prove anything. Bolvar is literally a piece of bacon, and he doesn't even have Frostmourne. Arthas would've Thanos snapped Sylvanas out of existence.

  • Jimmy Andan
    Jimmy Andan

    At this point i think if blizzard just commited to making a movie it would make more than wow microtransactions

  • savage kid
    savage kid

    Lich King: *smacks the hilt of the hammer in the ground and created a cloud of snow* Me: ODIR BRUNDIR BLINDIR!!!

  • MCMortus

    Maybe the last chance for Blizzard and right now i need to say that maybe the old Blizzard comes back. Shadowlands areas look awesome, diablo 4 one day. I hope i get the Blizzard back i know from my childhood

  • Daniel Johansson
    Daniel Johansson

    Well... that was cringey...

  • Hunter Meredith
    Hunter Meredith

    I just wanna know how she was able to just mix bolvar like that

  • I C
    I C

    This could have all been avoided if Bolvar just shelled out $60 to boost.

  • Yourmomexposed

    Hope they let death kights one hand again


    You know? one would assume that Battle for Azeroth would be the last expansion.

  • EthnoEuropean's CountriesAreBeingInvaded
    EthnoEuropean's CountriesAreBeingInvaded

    "Strong empowered wahmen"!!!

  • Han

    9000 attack vs 100% evasion <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="145">2:25</a>

  • WorstCoreyOCE

    everyone complaining.. were going to the afterlife lads! probably were we will find arthus. and notice how the piece of the helm dropped by bolvar? hes our main guide (like magnis) also notice how nzoth thinks hes gonna save us all from death? even nzoth knows somethings going wrong with souls after death. praying blizzard ties it all together with a reforging of the crown. (which is also some focus new systems in for crafting) 42k dislikes is astonishing when we dont know the outcome. thats like watching something till it gets bad than not seeing how it ends? just my 2 cents

  • Shingo kun
    Shingo kun

    Please blizzard ... stop doing extensions to wow ..... thats enought.... only cinematics are great....

  • Victorovich Gruzdev
    Victorovich Gruzdev


  • A. S.L
    A. S.L

    How did Sylvannas figure that out? I really dont understand 'what led her to this conclusion.

    • Berserker

      Someone whispered her. She didn't figure anything out, she did what someone else told her to do.

    • damdamdamdumdidum

      That will be a part of Shadowlands.

  • Gabe Geiger
    Gabe Geiger

    they could have at least let the lich get a hit in.... i hope the expansion is better then the cinematic

  • Il Leire
    Il Leire

    I don’t get it, where in the entire lore was explained that the helm was a gate to the shadowland?

    • Il Leire
      Il Leire

      Erik Carl nice explanation, ty!

    • Erik Carl
      Erik Carl

      the real lich king Ner'zhul, went through a portal to "a place beyond the dark portal" (probably shadowlands). then kil jaiden infused his soul into the Helm of Domination.there is atleast one link between shadowlands and the lich kings helmet, not to mention that the helm of domination probably was crafted in the forge of domination which is in shadowlands and will play a pretty big part in the next expansion. point is that there are links between the lich king and shadowlands, and im excieted to find out how blizzard will explain it. remember the video is a trailer not a direct lore cinematic, they are not gonna spoil the story before the game is released

  • Bort

    It's amazing how much salt I can generate in 5 minute vidwo

  • Unknown 124
    Unknown 124

    This is what we visualise while we're grinding old content for Tmog

  • IamTheSnowman4

    I’m surprised blizzard still hasn’t shut down the classless server project ascension.

  • Afterlife

    Shadowfarts game is not even out and already dying lmfao 🖕blizzard

  • Deven Clark
    Deven Clark

    dat traxex?

  • MegaChickenfish

    "How did she kill all those undead before Bolvar?" _barrage, obviously. Mad OP._

  • Frank B
    Frank B

    i would do anything to see a full movie of this. although bolvar isn't as strong a arthas, he sure does fight in a brutal way

  • elmers glue
    elmers glue

    corporations should realize that selling out is actually how they go under in this day n age 😗 just sayin

    • elmers glue
      elmers glue

      you treat art like any other business n it stops being good. who tf would've thought

  • Agustin Alejo Gimenez
    Agustin Alejo Gimenez

    Warcraft died the day we killed Arthas, this is not cannon, this is not happening...

    • Qwerthas

      hurr durr i don't like this so this is not happening i know better than blizzard

    • Erik Carl
      Erik Carl

      dude what tf are you talking about? the warcraft lore goes way beyond arthas

  • Kristian Spasov
    Kristian Spasov

    I love Sylvanas but it's like they hired D&D to make GoT. Everything is just about subverting expectations and a fan favorite going mad. FFS.


    This looks so good but is so disappointing at the same time. Like, this is how you bring the LK back?

    • Erik Carl
      Erik Carl

      comeon dude... how can you complain about the lore when you dont even know it?, this is even explained with a cinematic in game after you kill lich king.

  • TheFlyWahine

    Lmao she riped azeroth a new one! XD