WOW! Youtube's New Adpocalypse Fight, Chris Evans, Continued Whistleblower Fallout Explained, & More
Philip DeFranco
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Creators Petition FTC As NOsoft is Forced to Remove Personalized Ads on Children's Content:
Submit your comments to the FTC here:
CGI James Dean Casting Sparks Debate:
Key Diplomat’s Impeachment Inquiry Testimonies Explained:
Previous coverage:
Ellen DeGeneres and Sandra Bullock Sue Over Phony Endorsements:’
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco

    This video is far too long. I apologize. Timecodes: FTC & Creators <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="8">00:08</a> - TIA <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="370">6:10</a> - Dean CGI <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="469">7:49</a> - Impeachment Testimony <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="710">11:50</a>

    • torny

      basically youtube made many kids creators rich in the last 5, 6 years and therefore i dont feel bad for them

    • Gary Brown
      Gary Brown

      @Tylaris1 you know a lot of people aren’t talking about the trump story right now. However you are the only one bringing that up and it makes me think about how often the people who look into this look at both sides. I also believe blaze TV had some strong words to say about this situation and , while I definitely don’t agree with everything they said and I also feel that they were very slow to get to the point , a good chunk of what they said has some merit. I strongly implore anyone reading this comment to look into what I just typed and to keep bringing this up when Phil talks about it so that everyone at least knows about this. I know I will comment it on his next video when he does. Also I’m not taking sides, I just want as much info as possible.

    • Elp Smith
      Elp Smith

      Ugly Garbage Boy He was spamming the comments of a Jenna Marbles video a while ago telling people to go watch his video if him “fucking my dog” “having rough sex with my dog” and stuff. Each comment either had a “haha” or LOL in it

    • Guillermo Aguilar
      Guillermo Aguilar

      I seriously wouldn't think anyone who is an adult would watch Phillip when this is actually a grown up content and b!tch about it, I mean, you wouldn't watch the sex and the city with your kids.

    • Jon S
      Jon S

      longer please

  • ToastxAngel

    This is kinda unfair because didn’t we already have problems with women not being able to do certain things that men can we shouldn’t add more on to that list

  • KlusterFuk

    Boohoo already rich NOsoftrs losing some money boohoo.

  • Morgan Lloyd
    Morgan Lloyd

    🔥🔥🔥 It was an honor having you with us. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> 💛🎬 👇👇👇👇❤

  • mischiefmaker90

    Di Franco.... JAZZ HANDZ🖐🏻🖐🏿🖐🏾🖐🖐🏼🖐🏽🖐🏽

  • Sophs Moran
    Sophs Moran

    Been since I was 3 ! Glad I’m start saying no not kid friendly! Can’t afford to pay that

  • davidv2002

    the only time deceased actors should be put in movies is like putting Harold Ramis in the new Ghostbuster, or Carrie Fisher in new Star Wars movies. Stories/Characters these actors have already portrayed

  • atenahena

    the james dean thing feels like a black mirror episode

  • MightyPoet

  • MightyPoet

    Are you kidding Biden, skip to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> in this link

  • MightyPoet

    Trump doesn’t need help against Biden, that being said the president is pressuring other countries to do what he wants.

  • Mike Daner
    Mike Daner

    Wasn't there an episode in BoJack about CGI-ing actors?

  • Catherine Hawkwind
    Catherine Hawkwind

    It feels like we’re suddenly so interested in going backwards. Remakes of films, remakes of music and now remakes of people. What about the many amazing living actors who have dedicated their lives to acting? I’d be insulted.

  • Neuvo Chimichanga
    Neuvo Chimichanga

    Filthy DeFranco

  • Tony D. Lucario
    Tony D. Lucario

    Recently, LeaglEagle did a 1-hour video explaining the ins, out, wording and logistics of COPPA & how it could effect your channel or the channels you enjoy. Please Phillip, lead viewers & fellow creators to this video. Watch it, like and spread this to all. For 2 weeks now, people have let fear blind them to the truth; they have attack COPPA & the FTC, critizing & judging without truly understanding what is happening, and what can really be done to help you.

  • xenodorian

    If James Dean's family is okay with it, then it's fine. This is a non-story. Honestly, it's not like the man himself is going to complain.

  • djcsr

    Phil why do you keep saying posthumously like that?

  • MidNiteR32

    Why do YT creators and viewers get fucked over? This was NOsoft/Googles mess that they created. Why are they putting burden to be compliant on them. They were serving personal ads to kids, not them.

  • Gregory Louvat
    Gregory Louvat

    Congrats on your $4.1 mil home purchase Phil! How far you have come since sxephil to a $4.1 mil home. Welcome to the 1%. Hope another 10 years will be better

  • Alien Grl
    Alien Grl

    Is the FTC and COPPA going to push this onto tv channels and their commercials as well? Why isn't there a fuss over the ads on channels like Nickelodeon and Disney...

  • Alexandra Fereyra
    Alexandra Fereyra

    Boycott the film

  • Ricky Abbuhl
    Ricky Abbuhl

    The problem isn’t creators making children’s content, the problem is NOsoft allowing children to use the main app and not “NOsoft kids.” NOsoft has knowingly advertised and collected data on children using the main platform. NOsoft needs to create informed consent for parents or have the children move to the platform designed for children. The content creators aren’t collecting the data or doing the advertising. COPPA protects children from having targeted ads without parental approval. NOsoft needs to make every user re-enter their age along with email verification. NOsoft souls also send an email to every account to inform parents about parental controls and and the risks of using the main NOsoft. NOsoft creators shouldn’t be punished for children on the wrong platform. COPPA compliance has been fulfilled on the NOsoft kids platform or by getting parental consent. The breakdown isn’t creators making children content it between NOsoft the children and parents.

  • katsmeow69

    I work with kids age 10 and under who frequently talk about things they've seen on NOsoft which are inappropriate and not meant for children But who saw it on NOsoft main because their parents do not control what they see. This change to NOsoft is going to hurt the creators when really it should be us parents being a more mindful of what our kids are watching on NOsoft.

  • Anonymous RC Productions
    Anonymous RC Productions

    I'm sorry but these petitions are not gonna change the Federal Trade Commission minds any time soon the settlement has already been signed by the New York Attorney General, and therefore cannot be reversed.

  • belzedk

    While I don't really care about how people use dead people, what I find annoying about the whole thing is why they would use an dead actor instead of creating a new.

  • Trini Tech
    Trini Tech

    Dear Philip DeFranco I just watched a guy talk about that we as NOsoft creators may not be effected he gave a link to the guys video i'm gonna post this around NOsoft and later i'm gonna make a video on this!!!!!!!! we don't have to be fined or shut down our you tube channels *FTC Responds to My COPPA E-mail, Don't Delete Your Channels Yet* its the first video you see!!!!!! don't worry just label but u don't need to delete

  • H Nickel
    H Nickel

    When you think about it, there have been tons of cases of animated dead celebrities. Sometimes even using their likenesses to portray fictional characters. I’d say the biggest fault here is directly crediting him as an actor, and I’m not saying that this situation is morally right either. I honestly wonder if there are laws or contracts that allow/deny the use of one’s likeliness in media after their death, and if so, how they would function, especially over time.

  • Gwyndolin

    Digital Necromancy....I think the question is a moot point. People have never stopped using tech "just become they can".

  • Diogo Desiderati
    Diogo Desiderati

    I've watched tons of videos about how NOsoft is awful and this is just another drop in the bucket. You, as a content creator, plan on migrating to another platform? I know none of the alternatives has the setup to provide the income most of you need, but hey, once upon a time NOsoft didn't have it either, it only became viable because you people attracted an audience big enough. So what will it be, complaints or action?

  • kaingates

    Dear children-targeting NOsoftrs. If you actually believe that parents know that data is gathered and what it does to their child they’d never consent to let a child be on NOsoft. And hiding behind the “we want to give X a choice and not let the government come in between” is a BS corporate buzzword. I saw your point until you actually had the audacity to want to distinguish “child-targeted” and “child-attracting” content. What you are doing is scummy. I get that this hit is enormous, but let’s face it. We all knew what you did on NOsoft was shady or at least in a moral grey zone - either willingly or you’re willfully ignorant. It doesn’t make sense that you make free content for children and still get paid unless there’re some aspects hidden under the sun. Now that the scientific data has come out about children and advertisement you can’t say there should be a choice for parents. There should be no option to target children at all. Tl;dr: if you actually think you should be allowed to advertise to children then fuck off. It’s harmful and bullshit lobbying like this is some Goldman Sachs/Koch-brother-crap. Sincerely Me

  • Andrew Pani
    Andrew Pani

    I have 3 kids 10, 6, and 4. They grew up in the internet/NOsoft age. We have tried our best to help them be educated digital content consumers. Our kids viewing habits fall on us. The 4 and 6 year olds watch NOsoft Kids. The 10 yr old is trusted with NOsoft main.

  • Vivitsa 6
    Vivitsa 6

    Before actors and actresses die. They should be able to sign a paper saying that others can't "resurrect" them using CGI, or other technology. Also, just stop using dead people. What happened to respecting the dead?

  • Steffan

    Parent : *be a responsible adult and prevent them from watching youtube* X Parent : *complain about why it isn't PG* ✓

  • Aaron Bradbury
    Aaron Bradbury

    Lol actors realizing they are replaceable by technology is GOLD.

  • Ramiel

    Do not kill anybody. Do not make anybody fall in love. Do not RAISE THE DEAD!

  • Ramiel

    Solution: NOsoft to provide account holders with nice bright button to switch to youtube Children, and pin to log into normal youtube. + Stop data collecting non account holders which would also make them anonymous users.

  • Miss Malevolent
    Miss Malevolent

    Y'all always want government involvement Enjoy!

  • Matthew A. Whiting
    Matthew A. Whiting

    GOOD NEWS! According to this video:, the FTC has stated that content intended for "General Audiences" will NOT be punished under COPPA!

  • Kevin Jackson
    Kevin Jackson

    What people don't understand NOsoftr getting way move vive then cabletvs the government not making any money off NOsoft just the NOsoftr, so what they do they fine ways to fuck with it by useing kids as excuse to stop most NOsoftr, so people like me can go back to cable TVs, everything is about money let's go back the stone age.

  • Kevin Jackson
    Kevin Jackson

    Let's go back to TVs cable, see mom cable TVs coming back

  • Andruidus

    *UPDATE ON COPPA!:* First of all, yes, this change is still concerning and its full effect is still unknown. However here is some good information that came out on Nov. 22 that gives hope. Here are some of the main points: 1. Just because some children watch a given video, does not necessarily mean it is geared towards kids. 2. The $42,530 fine per video is the MAX fine, so it could be lower. The FTC even will take into account the given company/creator's current financial situation. 3. The FTC understands that plenty of animated content is not geared at kids. 4. COPPA is currently heavily under review by the FTC in order to update it given changes in technology over the last 20 years. 5. Finally, *COPPA does not only apply to NOsoft!* So, going to another platform, like Twitch, should do nothing. You either are breaking the law or not, not matter what website you are on. *Links:* NOsoft's Update: nosoft.infocommunity?disable_polymer=1 FTC's Update:

    • Nicole Taylor
      Nicole Taylor

      Man it shows how stupid they are trying to clarify.

  • The Sallad Channel
    The Sallad Channel

    I'm not a big channel. I'm actually relatively small in comparison to most, but this freaks me out. I'm not monetized at all and refuse to make kid friendly content. My concern is people's opinion on whether my meaningless channel is safe or not. Would age-restriction even help at this point, even though most of my videos are age restricted? I am not asking for legal advice, just need another opinion on the matter. I know age-restricting will limit my views, which is fine because I get almost none already anyway.

  • Said Angel
    Said Angel

    Hey there Mr. DeFranco you might want to take a look at this.

  • Lord Xaphan
    Lord Xaphan

    They make it seem like NOsoft was like; OwO kids buy this candy bar and come down to Toys R Us, 100% targeting you~ When in reality it’s; We had no fucken idea these kids were kids because their profile claims they’re old enough to be on NOsoft so therefore not kids unless they LIED 🤔 which we wouldn’t know about and would be 1000000% be the parents fault. That’s how they make it seem when they say they illegally snatched kids info to make ADs to target them :/ it’s the parents fault honestly, anyone who disagrees can kiss my ass otherwise.

  • waptek2

    if the PRIMARY directed audience is NOT JUST KIDS!, COPPA does not cover & is not triggered by the non-child directed portion of any mixed or general audience web site & or content read & extrapolate 2018 16 CFR Part 312 - CHILDREN'S ONLINE PRIVACY PROTECTION RULE update 2015 COPPA FAQ , E. PHOTOS, VIDEOS, AND AUDIO RECORDINGS, , # 4. safe harbor

  • the jester the hermit,the emperor
    the jester the hermit,the emperor

    Why don’t we just move kids to NOsoft kids or is it not that simple someone tell i Guinenluy want to know

  • Rob H.
    Rob H.

    Parents should be monitoring what their children watch and educating them about the dangers of the online world. Parents can do this by checking history that can only be removed by entering a password (a feature suggestion for NOsoft). And while watching without an account that history should not be allowed to be deleted. This history should be saved locally to the viewing device so parents can evaluate it. This way the company cannot access that information unless the account is indicated to be 13+. This way children can’t hide anything from their parents and parents can monitor their activity. NOsoftrs should be responsible for rating their videos, which should ONLY come into question when someone reports it for an inappropriate age rating. Age ratings should be mandatory in this system. And as a suggestion, if the video is rated for under 13, then the audio should be evaluated for adult language. If it detects said adult language then it just won’t publish the video, instead put it on hold with a notification saying “hey we think there’s some language in here not appropriate to the audience you indicated at XYZ times” that can be challenged by the creator. If the report doesn’t hold it gets dismissed, if it does the creator gets fined. This cuts down the amount of work any individual party has to do and holds the appropriate party responsible. I’m sure this could be polished but people are welcome to make suggestions. I for one think this would be a solid system to start with.

  • Rob H.
    Rob H.

    Using dead people’s likenesses for profit is absolutely immoral when they haven’t agreed to be in the film while they were alive. It is completely disrespectful as I know I wouldn’t want my face reproduced without my consent. My family’s consent is insufficient.

  • Irene G.
    Irene G.

    Tldr parents don't want to do parenting.

  • A. Bailey
    A. Bailey

    did anyone else hear him say "holiday gift sex" instead of "sets"? :D

  • MrBMBuilder

    This a good video about COPPA and who to petition and its not the FTC but your local member. Watch this vid ( its not mine but it made sense) -Is DISNEY Behind this FTC COPPA Attack on NOsoft? Will GUITAR CHANNELS Be Affected?

  • David Harrington
    David Harrington


  • Silva

    I came back waiting for you to speak out against NOsoft for not fighting back against this ftc decision. And before anyone says anything, I know it's hard for youtube to do so as they are not the one to decide these things. But that's the sad part. It takes balls to do so. So for you Philip, it also takes balls to stand up to NOsoft. But that's not my main issue. I know it's not NOsoft's fault so I can forgive that and in fact it doesn't really matter. I do have respect for the fact that this was a complete showing of what the ftc could be damaging. And my main issue here is this, and I'm gonna be brutal here: why is it not okay for people to judge what parents do with their child upbringing when it comes to what they do online but it is okay when the parents say scream at the children or give them love taps? And I don't mean love taps as in the parents beating their children, I mean correcting them. Like, if we can negatively impact their children, it's not our place but when we can positively impact them, suddenly it is our place? No. It's their child. Let them nurture or screw up their child as they see fit. What I don't want is indoctrination in the children but you don't see me crying about it. Maybe stop looking at other parents like you own their children when the parents are doing bad in your eyes. It's not your children. You can have an opinion that's just fine, I have my own. But don't then try to enforce that opinion on those parents. Parenting is hard enough as it is. My second point, and this is against the ftc. No one should enforce online policies but the websites themselves. NOsoft should control NOsoft. Google should control Google. Facebook should control Facebook. Let the people vote on what is good and what is bad. It could be a disaster when it comes to privacy but hey, guess what, that's not my problem. If you think your privacy is being violated by any single one of em, just don't use em. simple as that. Yeah but my friends, fuck your friends, get other friends. Seriously, if you need any of these for real life experience, your lifing wrong. I just made that up. use it wisely. People have to understand. I can't believe I'm repeating this but are you using your device or is your device using you? Think on that for a bit. I don't fully know what your problems are when you pry into the lives of others so I can't argue against it completely. So if you would talk to me about it I would appreciate it.

  • BillyKidd

    How dare Trump, the Sheriff of USA, investigate corruption on someone. Apparently, if you run for President, you are absolved of any being investigated for criminal activity. So, starting as of now, I announce I am running for President.

  • Starman Gaming
    Starman Gaming

    It seems this Coppa thing should be more of a NOsoft problem than a Content Creator's problem. FTC should just fine Google for going against the original COPPA document, and leave NOsoft to correct it by getting into contact with its creators. Oh, and they should stop using Machine Learning, since it's really not working too well for them.

  • 1324cmoikev

    #saveyoutube I think I may have THE solution to fix the problem with the FTC (COPPA) & NOsoft so please do read this article fully. The FTC wants you to separate kid content from adult content right. And if I understand correctly, if the FTC sees a certain content as for kids that the content creator as market as for adults, the FTC will sue the creator a ridiculous fee for doing so per video, will delete the video if not the entire channel. And the hole reason why they will sue them, it's because the content may attract kids then so kids might watch it. My solution is to make it so when you go on NOsoft without logging in, it's NOsoft Kids, but if you login, it's NOsoft how we all love it. But to login, you need to be 13+ (not a kid) then so can watch whatever you want. Because only 13+ can watch not for kids content, then the FTC can't sue them for putting "kid content" on adult content section since kids can't have access to it which is the main reason to why they would of sue them. Also, the "kid content" can still be viewed on regular NOsoft then so content creator that makes content for everyone can get a profit from the 13+ that are logged in. Without so, I don't think NOsoft will survive at all and I'm extremely worried about it. I don't want NOsoft to die, neater do the viewers, the content creator & NOsoft themselves. I really want you guys to help me share this solution to NOsoft themselves because this solution will make NOsoft, the viewers, the content creator & the FTC happy. If kids end out watching content from the 13+ adult content, it would be if the kid would lie about their age and have created an account. Then so NOsoft and the content creator aren't responsible if a kid end up watching 13+ adult content, the fault will only be on bad parenting, just like how Facebook work.

  • Dylan VanHoorne
    Dylan VanHoorne

    Phil every body i just went on four channels videos explaing coppa and they had a petition to sign in the description.the quartering was one of them.but youtube is makeing the description say error so i cant sign the nothing pops up no related videos just error screen.they are trying to silence us!!!!! Every one please help they are taking are internet freedons away

  • Director 00Donut
    Director 00Donut

    Thanks for this Phillip

  • Taste_like_ CaCa
    Taste_like_ CaCa

    So it’s a lose lose situation make non kid friendly content get demonetized. Make kid friendly content loose talking to your fans and less ad payment. God remember when NOsoft was for everybody when something “wasn’t just for kids.” Or “just for adults.” And parents shouldn’t get mad at you tubers that like to cuss remember don’t rely on NOsoft as a babysitter.

  • qxp

    Imagine having someone who doesn't know shet about your career get to choose whether or not you keep that career

  • Reden Carabeo
    Reden Carabeo

    So parents blame NOsoft for not doing their job. Fuck it all.

  • Seth Berney
    Seth Berney

    Oh wowow the plot is getting thick!

  • matt steusloff
    matt steusloff

    ☻/ This is bob. he hates coppa /▌ /\

  • Amber King
    Amber King

    De-aging an actor... Okay Aging an actor... Okay Including actor who agreed to role then died before filming finished... Great Taking a deceased actors likeness to have them STAR in a movie after they died many years before.... Is that even legal? Don't do this, it's great that in the event of Paul Walker's death his brothers stepped in to finish some scenes and complete the film and his legacy. However that was honoring his wishes and completing a project far along in development, aside from them finishing the scenes they would have scrapped the film as a whole or killed off the character in some off screen accident. Rouge One had a CAMEO for a supporting character role that the actor had played previously. I am all for the advancements in film technology but even biopics use different actors who have a likeness to the original person they don't CGI the original person into the movie that's just wrong and creepy, like a zombie puppet or those deepfakes that make you cringe.

  • Beau D.
    Beau D.

    I really don’t give a crap if NOsoftrs get paid less if NOsoft isn’t allowed to collect and store my child’s information. That sounds like a creator and NOsoft/Google problem. I constantly monitor what my child watches on the occasion he gets to watch Minecraft videos. I put his information on a different profile to try and limit his exposure to all of the other non kid friendly content that shows on my profile. I can’t pick and choose what thumbnails appear if I don’t enter his age etc. and even then I have to try and pass those thumbnails that still show up that are inappropriate for a child. With that being said I am already disgusted at this governments blatant lack of respect for the law and our constitution by mass collecting my information and data without being granted a warrant or my permission to do so, let alone my minor child’s information. And for those of you idiots who are starting to type to tell me I should have my child watch NOsoft kids therefore I must be an irresponsible parent, your a moron that isn’t the point and wouldn’t change what is happening if I did. NOsoft kids still have ads, NOsoft gets paid more by the advertisers if the viewer clicks on the ad during the video and makes a purchase hence, NOsoft still wants to increase the possibility of a purchase so they are still collecting that information to personalize those ads to entice the child to see something they really love (based on collected data) and parents buy it to make their child’s day. NOsoft gets their kickback and so does the person who gets paid for making stupid videos in their basements and call it a career, getting paid a retarded amount of money to show toys or play video games and want to then bitch that because I won’t let NOsoft violate my child’s rights they might have to actually go out and get a real fucking job. Poor baby 🙄 so freaking stupid.

  • Jared Hanko
    Jared Hanko

    Phil it’s your fault for my bad parenting

  • Teri Albano
    Teri Albano

    Trump 2020

  • Draco _
    Draco _

    I'm happy youtube stands with all of us on this, i hope together we can change what might happen

  • Cybernetik Soul
    Cybernetik Soul

    The entertainment industry is imploding.

  • PegPeg

    I also have a forehead wrinkle. Gang gang

  • Mr. Miscellaneous
    Mr. Miscellaneous

    Wow phill I've been gone for a while and i come back to see you have your own news site fully launched, congratz. 👏🏿👏🏿

  • Sigil Hunter
    Sigil Hunter

    Basically, instead of you know, not mass harvesting peoples information. NOsoft is throwing their creators under the bus. With this settlement you-tubers will have two choices, either essentially delist yourself, or risk the FTC suing you for such reasons as; Using the word "cool" or creating content related to sports, video games, animals, cooking, and animation. And here's the best part, even if you say "shit , bitch, motherfucker" and explicitly declare you're video is not for children, at least based on my interpretation of the broad and very vague wording on the FTC's documents, they could still sue you. And of course even if you feel you're in compliance, NOsoft can still mark your video as "for kids" and you will not be given any means to challenge or change it. Now the FTC are corrupt asshats who gave Equifax a slap on their wrist, but again, NOsoft are the ones who set these terms for the settlement.

  • MadGhost

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="167">2:47</a> Filthy Defranco

  • Stingy

    Children shouldn't be on NOsoft in the first place and parents should monitor them more. Also doing this is like closing down Porn sites other non-child friendly websites because a child might click on it. They shouldn't be there in the first place! By the way, do the fines still count if you live outside of the USA?

  • SesshyS

    "You" tube hasn't existed for many years and G-Tube keeps shooting themselves in the foot and screwing everyone over bcuz of their stupidity,laziness,& endless greed for advert & data collecting! Now bcuz of that,the ancient morons over at the FTC who know nothing about the internet came slamming down the hammer & bcuz parents don't know how to raise their kids properly & now we're all Fk'd! This will be the last nail in the coffin of NOsoft's utter demise! Sayonara!

  • Genome Light
    Genome Light

    Using someones image to reincarnate what they once were WITHOUT their personal opinion is literally disgusting. Makes me feel sick.

  • MadBunnyRabbit

    I love it. Hey, we are scumbags that make money by exploiting the fact that kids are easier target to sell stuff to. Unite with me, so that I can still exploit kids.

  • Who Dunnit
    Who Dunnit

    Zelda's complaints make no sense to me. If she gets a say in her dad's image, why does she disregard the say of James Dean's family? She's saying the producers are doing it for money. No shit. But if she's going to take that stance, is she implying that his family sold him? Is she willing to say that to their faces, or does she have more of a say in everyone's dead relative than the relatives themselves? And Chris Evans is a great guy, but picasso and lennon were artists that painted or wrote. Dean is an actor. That means someone is going to act, and a cgi mask of Dean will be placed on top. You cannot posthumously create something from someone's brain. You can 100% recreate their image. Dont be dumb.

    • Who Dunnit
      Who Dunnit

      Julie Ann is the only one with real input. How will the real actor be credited and paid? That is the crux of it.

  • Stephanie W
    Stephanie W

    Children content should be strictly content created for children. Those channels are obvious, high pitched voices, friendly faces, overly bright, gallons on candy and silly voices. It shouldnt be any content that a child may like. That's insane and really just because someone is walking about talking at a zoo doesn't mean that its directed to children just because it has animals.

  • Rowan Gannon
    Rowan Gannon

    lol trump is like an abusive boyfriend, just constantly gas lighting you and bullshitting and you just like ... go along with it? america you need to break up with him