WOW! Youtube's New Adpocalypse Fight, Chris Evans, Continued Whistleblower Fallout Explained, & More
Philip DeFranco
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Creators Petition FTC As NOsoft is Forced to Remove Personalized Ads on Children's Content:
Submit your comments to the FTC here:
CGI James Dean Casting Sparks Debate:
Key Diplomat’s Impeachment Inquiry Testimonies Explained:
Previous coverage:
Ellen DeGeneres and Sandra Bullock Sue Over Phony Endorsements:’
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco

    This video is far too long. I apologize. Timecodes: FTC & Creators 00:08 - TIA 6:10 - Dean CGI 7:49 - Impeachment Testimony 11:50

    • Gary Brown
      Gary Brown

      @Tylaris1 you know a lot of people aren’t talking about the trump story right now. However you are the only one bringing that up and it makes me think about how often the people who look into this look at both sides. I also believe blaze TV had some strong words to say about this situation and , while I definitely don’t agree with everything they said and I also feel that they were very slow to get to the point , a good chunk of what they said has some merit. I strongly implore anyone reading this comment to look into what I just typed and to keep bringing this up when Phil talks about it so that everyone at least knows about this. I know I will comment it on his next video when he does. Also I’m not taking sides, I just want as much info as possible.

    • Elp Smith
      Elp Smith

      Ugly Garbage Boy He was spamming the comments of a Jenna Marbles video a while ago telling people to go watch his video if him “fucking my dog” “having rough sex with my dog” and stuff. Each comment either had a “haha” or LOL in it

    • Guillermo Aguilar
      Guillermo Aguilar

      I seriously wouldn't think anyone who is an adult would watch Phillip when this is actually a grown up content and b!tch about it, I mean, you wouldn't watch the sex and the city with your kids.

    • Jon S
      Jon S

      longer please

    • James McKeen
      James McKeen

      Phil!, There is a huge problem going on right now with a college kid who went against the "anti-white" professor of his school. NOsoft is making him take down his videos, I highly suggest you take a look into this matter. If you can't access them, his name is Michael Moreno.

  • Michael Perrine
    Michael Perrine

    Also there’s a petition for get NOsoft ceo susan fired go there,

  • Don Bruno Richard Martínez Olazábal Viavicencios
    Don Bruno Richard Martínez Olazábal Viavicencios

    The FTC is doing the what every group and agency does when things are getting out of hand, OVERREACT, and so is NOsoft. Although NOsoft REQUIRES more ACCOUNTABILITY. Parents are also abdicating their own responsibility as parents. There are SO MANY TOOLS, even built into NOsoft to restrict a child’s access. More importantly, why aren’t parents more aware of they children are doing and/or watching??? So what’s THE answer? I honestly don’t know. But PBS has featuring kids since 10 November 1969. And other kid’s shows before that. As have Disney and Nickelodeon, Athens Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, The Jackson 5, The Osmonds, and on and on. Yes, COPPA is the law of land. I don’t about the veracity of the New York Attorney General charges that NOsoft earned millions by illegally collecting personal information from children without their parents’ consent. I don’t know what those children were watching, how old they were nor do I know how NOsoft would capture a metric it claims it doesn’t even log. Bottom line, there are plenty of dirty hands. Everyone needs to take a step back, see the whole board and then discuss the entire scenario and respond rather than react. It’s going to take all parties to fix this well. Eventually the corrupt and favoritism and greed of NOsoft, Google and advertisers will all float to the top. The Reality that handing a kid an iPad while they are busy doing something is is a pretty fucking bad idea will sink into Parents heads.

  • Gacha Music
    Gacha Music

    Can’t we just age restricted our videos????

  • Red Hook MMA
    Red Hook MMA

    My baby sister makes drawing videos. She doesn't have a big subscriber base. In fact, she has less than 500 subscribers. NOsoft already has rules that hampers small channels' growth. And now this COPPA rule comes out. Her videos are simply drawing and sketching. So, her channel isn't like mature content, and on the other hand, it isn't like kid oriented content. I don't know what to instruct her on this situation. Please advise. Greatly appreciated

  • Redzool of Nozdenburg
    Redzool of Nozdenburg

    I hear that quite a few NOsoft privileges are taken away from children's creators, so there's no point making children's content, if these kids want to see the content they're going to have to lie about their age, aren't they

  • Seiferboy Gaming
    Seiferboy Gaming

    For the COPPA NOsoft issue, I have a simple solution. Add an option to block anyone under 13 from viewing your content, like the 18+ option. I get that there are kids who use their parent's phones, but that's on the parents for having NOsoft babysit their kids. It's no different from my generation having our parents use the TV to babysit us.

  • Big Dad Beef Sticks
    Big Dad Beef Sticks

    NOsoft officials are back at it again lying to their userbase, because they messed up.

  • Ford Zeits
    Ford Zeits

    Has anyone made a clip of him saying "shit motherfuckin bitch"?

  • Denise

    Re: James Dean, has anyone seen the movie "The Congress" with Robin Wright? First time I saw that years ago, my thought was, "Yea, I can see that happening."

  • change is good
    change is good

    Hes right we gotta be the ones monitoring our kids lol my kid hates adds anyways she always skips them

  • PrincessNia

    Now that you've mentioned your moving hands I can't stop following them! DeFranco, what have you done?!

  • Rayzersword

    "No quid pro quo's" nice spelling Mr. Ambassado'r haha

  • Luis OBGYN
    Luis OBGYN

    The CGI thing is going to be used in the next fast and the furious movie. I’m not okay with it.

  • Bluey


  • aimson

    I'd like to see how a dead James Dean would work out in a movie. I'm not saying it has to be good, but what if they do a great job? Let's wait and see what happens before we jump to conclusions. And, for the record, I've never seen a movie with James Dean and have no opinion about him at all. Mostly, it's nothing worth caring about...

  • Bonnie Amof
    Bonnie Amof

    I see chris evans face, I click.

  • Phantombit

    Industries like acting are already a major in circle club type of deal where it is very difficult to get into them BECAUSE why would a director cast you a nobody, and sell a few tickets when they could cast the Rock and sell millions, Adding the possibility of casting the biggest stars posthumously would only make that worse.

  • Bethany Timms
    Bethany Timms

    This just feels like deep fakes under a different name..

  • UltimaYT

    So lemme get this straight, if you’re family friendly, you don’t get ads, but if you aren’t family friendly, you also don’t get ads? Who gets ads? I’m so confused

  • Devon Fallows
    Devon Fallows

    If they were using James Dean's image to make a CGI movie OF James Dean, it would be okay, but they are definitely exploiting him. Just like you shouldn't be able to do things with a body after somebody's death, you shouldn't be able to "make them do" something that they haven't already done. They're not just using his image. They're creating a whole new movie that he never consented to making. Consent is everything in all situations.

  • Jade Mae
    Jade Mae

    I wish that Hollywood would leave dead people alone... CGI will strip James Dean of what made him special; his raw emotionality and authenticity. In my opinion, the technology isn’t even close to capturing true humanity.

  • Not Gay
    Not Gay

    I’m fine with the CGI actor thing. They aren’t doing shit to his corpse, if it even exists any more. They’re just doing CGI of a person that looks like James Dean. They just want to say STARRING JAMES DEAN to sell some tickets, it’s the same thing as using a normal celebrity, but you couldn’t get the actual person because their dead, so you CGI them in.

  • Remy Blas
    Remy Blas

    Did you notice that NOsoft finally aknowledges the importance of creators and takes their side when the situation affects their pockets too?

  • SupaYoda

    Having your career automated sucks. News at 11.

  • TheZombieKillerHD

    I feel like you shouldn’t drag a dead guy out the grave for Hollywood to make money I feel like as human beings we shouldn’t stoop to this level to make a quick buck

  • something els
    something els

    When everything happens behind closed doors it's really easy to create a narrative. I can't believe the amount of time in energy people are putting into investigating Trump for investigating actual corruption.

  • John Rodriguez
    John Rodriguez

    Blatant bribery 😂 lol now say that about Joe Biden Phil

  • MaximumMomo

    Do they just like how his face looks or something? He can’t act, he’s dead! Why’d they choose the super expensive cgi dead guy option instead of just hiring someone?

  • Ben Setliff
    Ben Setliff

    There's a Glenn Beck Special you should watch. It'll change your mind.

  • BlackBirdsDontSing

    the FTC logo reminds me of a jack o lanterns face

  • Hysterically Accurate
    Hysterically Accurate

    I can’t unsee the forehead wrinkle

  • Bailujen

    I am nearly 18 but my series legends of the artifact is for teens

  • Kyle R. Smith
    Kyle R. Smith

    This CGI shit is how history will be rewritten. Mark my words, it won't be targeted at anyone already knowledgeable. No. This will be introduced to kids, and really driven in over decades.

  • Luna Land
    Luna Land

    Art and crafts and dolls are not just for kids It is for all ages.

  • Angelina Scott
    Angelina Scott

    the CGI thing is gross. that means actors will now have to compete with the dead for rolls. Also the actors that they will use are legendary actors and if the studio puts them in a bad movie it can ruin the actors reputation and they couldn't consent to the movie

  • Belle Wolfe
    Belle Wolfe

    Women’s rights, gay rights, now cgi rights? Is it too soon to start thinking about cgi rights?

  • MemeLord Dabble
    MemeLord Dabble

    I don't have a problem with the idea of using CGI to create deceased actors to play certain roles, as long as it makes sense. If James Dean had been a strong activist during the Vietnam war, I could see the merit in including him as an honor to his beliefs and efforts. But they really just slapped him in there for his name, and for the publicity that doing so would bring. Not to mention save money on hiring a real actor to play the role. It's a blatant corner cut done solely to save money and create publicity, so no matter what they've already won really, and that's a fucking shame.

  • LightishRedGummi

    if you're so set on having a character in a movie look like a dead actor, you should either suck it up and deal with what you've got or make the movie animated and have the look of the character be inspired by the dead actor you were wanting

  • Amandine Anne
    Amandine Anne

    Am a parents of an 8,5 and 2 and sure as s$%& don't let my kids watch NOsoft are you kidding!!!! They can watch some TV in the weekends and by TV I mean Netflix

  • Shadewe

    I think the impeachment is a crap show. The Dems wanted the Mueller report to be the definitive source of impeachment. They didn't get it and so they found something else. Why do I think this? How much of the Mueller hearings are we talking about or occurring?

  • Alex ruiz
    Alex ruiz

    polotics suk

  • Kaylee Biggart
    Kaylee Biggart

    Oof this James Dean story has me flashing back to that Treehouse of Horror episode of The Simpsons where Homer end up killing a bunch of celebrities so that advertisers could use their image posthumously 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Elp Smith
    Elp Smith

    I can’t take Sen. Lindsey Graham seriously either because he has a woman’s name or because he sounds like Don Knotts

  • Zenkai76

    If I am dead and my family can make money from my images, go for it, I am dead WTF do I care. People need to get over themselves.

  • merile

    Reanimating a dead person.... I feel like we’ve seen a lot of this already in movies and it never turns out well


    Do I need to go make back and tag 10000's of old videos as "not for kids"

  • likira111

    NOsoftrs knowingly profiting of tracking children are no more sympathetic than the corporations doing so.

  • Juniper Lilac
    Juniper Lilac

    Didn’t they do that dead actor thing with the Star Wars Movie a few years ago?

  • Kendra Paslay
    Kendra Paslay

    Where is the section on Chris Evans?

  • Kirsty de Paor
    Kirsty de Paor

    So they’re essentially deep faking James Dean? That’s super weird.

  • david herzing
    david herzing

    Aderral junkie

  • GeekChic87

    I heard some things that a number of youtube channels could be taken down because they're not making money due to youtube is changing its TOS. I'm not entirely sure if it's true, but it is a scary thought and I'm worried for a number of people who are trying to make a name for themselves.

  • Official Glitch
    Official Glitch

    Fuck I'm a child when I'm high, cause Phil becomes the funny man with the moving hands when I'm in a altered state of mind 😂

  • Coconut Pete
    Coconut Pete

    The people that should really be chiming in on this are NOsoftrs that have kids. Preferably busy parents that also have to work at crappy real jobs. The big NOsoftrs that can stay at home with their kids, have more money (for things like babysitting) don't have as much credibility. That said, NOsoft could solve a big portion of the problem by putting more parental controls on NOsoft. Right now it is pretty much restricted mode on/off. This can easily be turned on/off by a child. NOsoft kids has horrible content that nobody wants to watch - unless maybe you are 2 years old. Kids want to watch gaming videos, Blippi and believe it or not regular videos such as Mentos & Diet Coke for example. There are many videos that show up in restricted mode that are not kid friendly. Since they are so big into AI and not having real human Google employees do anything, perhaps users could voluntarily tag videos if they have violence, swearing or are not suitable for kids. The biggest problem is videos that are disguised to look kid friendly (to parents) but you may find disturbing content on it 5 minutes into it. It's a mess. If you have kids don't even get them started on technology. Get them an old 80's computer or old Nintendo and hide your phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers and only use them when they are asleep. If you can accomplish this as a parent, you are a rare breed or perhaps Amish.

  • stanacondasv

    Coming soon, Content Cop: phillip defranco. Long overdue

  • thatoneguy12131

    Was you saying you're not kid friendly just to distance yourself from this whole 42k fine per abuse thing? Because if so, i have a 7 kids under the age of 6 that watch you and i want my $294k please...

  • Gabrielle

    Can you maybe mention in your next video that Australia is literally on fire right now?

  • Teh Pan
    Teh Pan

    Abolish the FTC

  • Dorian Gray Clampitt
    Dorian Gray Clampitt

    Fun fact, “James Dean” isn’t the actor. The voice actor is doing the work.